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   Chapter 650 The Meeting Of Four People (Part Two)

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'Did she prepare breakfast for Greg?' Sharon couldn't help but wonder.

Violet felt uneasy facing Sharon. She didn't know how to greet her, keeping in mind their past. It would be impolite of Violet to pretend that she didn't know her. After all, she was Greg's step-mother. "Good morning, Aunt Sharon," she said, eventually.

"What are you doing here?" Sharon asked her suspiciously, ignoring her greeting.

"Oh." Violet's head was blank for a moment. She didn't know how to reply to her. "I am here because..."

Before she could finish her words, the elevator door opened again. Both of them rushed out.

Sharon needed to know what this witch was doing here. She cornered Violet at the staircase. "You know Greg is back, don't you? Are you here to make up to him?" she asked Violet furiously.

"No," Violet said firmly. She was no longer scared of Sharon. Violet knew her from long ago. Sharon wasn't a pleasant woman.

"No?" Sharon repeated. "Violet, don't forget what you promised me five years ago. Now that Greg is back, you want to get back into his good graces again, don't you?"

Violet did not cower at Sharon's contemptuous smile and vicious words. She thought about what Aunt Selina had told her. Violet was Jackson and Cherry's daughter. She was a rich and young heiress by her own right and was not inferior by any means.

Violet lifted her head and looked into Sharon's eyes, feeling fearless. "What if I say yes? You should know better than anyone how deeply Greg loves me and how much I love him back," Violet said in an unwavering voice.

"Violet Chu, stop daydreaming! You don't deserve Greg. He is an outstanding and successful young talent. He must marry a beautiful girl from a rich and influential family who is worthy of him! Don't ever have des

ing his white coat, he looked handsome and charming. The black suit pants complemented his tall and shapely figure.

Tina knocked at the door enthusiastically.

Hearing the knock, Greg came back to himself. He turned his head to look at the doorway in anticipation, wondering if it was Violet. He was disappointed to see Tina's face instead.

However, Tina was very pleased. She pushed the door open and walked into the office as if she owned it.

"Good morning, Greg!" She put a lunch box on the office table and walked over to Greg, grabbing his arm intimately.

"Didn't you go to see your brother? Why did you come here?" Greg took one look at the lunch box and knew that she hadn't gone to see Roger.

"I came to see you first. We'll go and see my brother together," Tina told him eagerly. She watched Greg's face ardently, realizing she would never get bored of looking at him in this lifetime.

"I have to attend a consultation in a moment. I don't have time to see your brother," Greg remarked, his voice indifferent and aloof. He pulled away from Tina and walked to his office table. Putting down the cup in his hand, he turned his back to Tina and sat on his chair.

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