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   Chapter 649 The Meeting Of Four People (Part One)

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Greg went downstairs after waking up. He saw Sharon sitting in the dining room, eating breakfast.

The moment Sharon saw Greg, her lips curled into a calculating smile. "Greg, you are up! Come and have some breakfast!" she greeted him.

Greg took no notice of her. He sat down at the breakfast table and served himself some food.

Sharon watched him closely, noticing the sour expression on Greg's face. "Greg, did you pick up Tina yesterday?" she asked him eagerly.

"Yes," Greg replied in brief, feeling reluctant to talk to her. Why was she always asking him about Tina?

"Did you have dinner with her last night? I saw that you came back late," Sharon pressed, her eyes gleaming. She needed to suck up to him to achieve her goals.

"No, I went out to drink with my friends," Greg said curtly. He narrowed his eyes at Sharon. "Why? Do I have to report my schedule to you now?"

"Oh, no. I didn't mean that!" Sharon denied hastily, waving her hand. "I just want to know how you are doing with Tina. I discussed it with your father last night, and we intend to start preparing for your wedding with Tina after Roger recovers."

Listening to this, Greg threw his chopsticks on the table with a clank. "I've told you that I will not marry Tina!" he shouted in a furious voice.

"Greg, take it easy. Don't get so angry! You know Tina since you were young. Maybe you have grown up and you see things differently now. But don't worry. Tina is back, so the two of you can spend some time together and get a better understanding of each other. We can talk about your marriage later," Sharon tried to persuade him. She was determined to make this marriage work, or all her efforts would be in vain.

Greg gave her a dark look. "I won't say it again. Even if I do get married, my bride wouldn't

hat I left for the hospital. I hope they don't mind," Violet said with some guilt.

"I will. Now go. Be careful on your way to the hospital!" Selina smiled.

Watching her disappear out of the door, Selina felt worried. Violet was always considerate about others but seldom thought about herself. She hadn't had breakfast for several days. Sometimes, she even forgot to eat her lunch. Selina was concerned about her health.

After parking her car in the underground lot, Sharon got out. She carried the lunch box and walked directly to the elevator.

Sharon was glad she had come here. The senior doctors in the hospital would come to know her as Fred's wife. Fred too would be touched by her compassionate gesture. She felt that she had made a wise decision.

The elevator stopped at the first floor and Violet shuffled inside. She was astonished to see Sharon. That face was too familiar for her to forget.

Sharon pursed her lips in anger as she saw Violet get in. 'What is she doing here?' she wondered.

She gave Violet a quick once-over with contempt in her eyes. Sharon couldn't bear her low-class taste. But why was Violet carrying a lunch box in her hand? What was she doing here?

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