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   Chapter 643 Close Like The Early Days (Part Two)

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Not needing any other convincing, Greg went upstairs without another word to Sharon Qin.

When he got to his room, Greg laid in bed lazily, but didn't fall asleep. Staring up at the ceiling through half-closed eyes, Greg's mind was filled with memories of Violet, from her brilliant smile to her crying that afternoon. It made his heart ache to recollect her. He reflected, 'How did we get here? Is it because I didn't protect her well? Or did I not know her at all? How could she be so worried about Roger at the door of the emergency room this afternoon? She didn't even hesitate to donate blood for him! How could she do that for another man!'

The worry in Greg's eyes gradually turned to anger as he recalled what had happened in the hospital. Overwhelmed by mixed feelings, Greg's mind became totally perplexed. Over the years, he had dealt with everything in a rational way, except when it involved Violet. His mind was always in a whirl when he dealt with Violet, and he even lost his mind at times over her.

'Violet, why do you always make me suffer? My heart has been such a mess for over five years!' Greg thought.

That evening, Greg sat in the dining room with Fred and Sharon Qin. Fred had a calm expression as he ate his entire meal silently.

With neither Fred nor Greg speaking, Sharon Qin thought dinner was too dull, so, in an attempt to lighten the mood, Sharon Qin suddenly smiled and said,"Oh, I almost forgot, Greg? Tina will be back tomorrow, and I told her you would pick her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon."

"No, I will not," Greg replied without hesitation. He took another bite keeping his chopsticks in his hand, showing that he didn't want to talk about this any further.

Sharon Qin didn't know what to say for a while. She looked at Fred, silently asking for his help.

Fred knew Sharon Qin was embarrassed by Greg's rejection, so he said,"Greg, since Tina is returning, you need to pick Tina up at the airport. She is your fian

she washed up, she went downstairs to make chicken soup in the kitchen.

When Jacob and Elsa got up, they smelled the delicious aroma of chicken soup as soon as they went downstairs.

"What's going on? Who is making chicken soup?" Jacob asked puzzled.

"I don't know. Selina and Wilson aren't awake yet, are they? Violet is still sleeping, right?" asked Elsa confused. Was there someone else in the house?

When Jacob and Elsa walked into the kitchen, they saw Violet's back.

"Violet, what are you doing?" asked Elsa surprised.

Violet spun around glancing at Jacob and Elsa, then turned her attention back to the pot, saying in a chipper tone,"Good morning, Grandma, Grandpa. I'm making chicken soup."

"If you wanted some chicken soup, you should've just told me and I would have made some for you. Why are you making it yourself?" Elsa said while she busily wrapped her apron and tied it to make breakfast.

"I didn't make it for myself. It's for my boss, Mr. Roger. He was injured for saving me and is hospitalized, so, I wanted to make some chicken soup for him, to make things up to him," explained Violet.

"Oh, I see," replied Elsa, nodding her head. It was comforting to know that her granddaughter was such a kind person. Violet was friendly to everyone and repaid kindness with kindness.

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