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   Chapter 640 Love And Hate (Part Two)

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"He is out of danger now, but he should remain in the hospital. His leg is in a cast. The injury to his upper body was not that serious. He will be transferred to the general ward soon. You can go and see him then," Fred conveyed Roger's physical condition to Carol. Exhausted after the operation, Fred didn't look in the direction of his son and Violet.

"Oh. Thank you, Fred!" Carol said quickly.

"That's fine. I have to go. If there is anything urgent, just call another doctor or the nurse," with these words, Fred left the hallway.

The other doctors followed after him.

After Fred left, Carol turned to the emergency room, about to enter it. At once, a few nurses hauled Roger outside, who was in a wheelchair. An intravenous drip was attached to his arm.

"Roger!" Carol Shen cried out.

"Mr. Roger!" Violet also exclaimed eagerly. She breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that he was out of danger.

Carol Shen reached near her son and followed the nurses to the general ward.

Violet moved to follow them, but Greg instantly stopped her by grabbing her arm.

"Where the hell are you going?" Greg asked in annoyance. 'Why does she want to see him?' he thought furiously. Has she only been thinking about him all this time?'

"I want to see Roger," Violet replied hastily, trying to shake off Greg's hand. She wanted to go to the general ward but Greg had a strong grip on her that made it impossible for her to leave.

"Why? He is fine now. Why are you still so worried about him?" Greg growled, raging with jealousy. 'She wants to look after another man in front of me? What does she want to prove?' he mused. 'Is she trying to show me she is in love with him?'

"He got injured because of me. How can I just leave him alone?" Violet said hurriedly. Her eyes still stared in the d

this opportunity go? Greg's demeanor instantly shifted as he lifted Violet off her feet and onto his chest. He went straight to the lounge.

"Greg, what the hell are you doing?! Let go off me!" Violet yelped, her feet kicking around violently.

Violet had closed the door to Greg's office after they shuffled inside, so no matter how loud she was being, nobody could hear her. The office was well-insulated and soundproof.

Greg walked into the lounge with Violet in his arms. The room was not as big but there was a large, soft bed that had been pushed against the wall. The sight of it pleased him very much.

He threw Violet on the bed and crawled to her, hovering over her on his forearms.

Greg's pupils dilated as he scanned her lying under him. He heard his own heartbeat in his ears. He could hardly control himself.

"No, no, no! Greg, please get off me!" Violet pleaded as her hands drummed against his chest. They were so close to each other that she could feel his deep breathing.

"Why are you denying me again? We are not in the elevator anymore," Greg said. He had let her go in the elevator as she asked, but now they were in his private room. They could do whatever they liked.

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