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   Chapter 638 So We Meet Again (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-02-10 00:18

Violet didn't reply, feeling a strange sadness in her heart. Was Greg still the same man she knew?

"Or... is it because Roger doesn't buy you new clothes?" Greg wondered out loud.

Violet sucked in a breath. "Greg, if you don't have anything else to say, I want to leave." She pushed him, not wanting to meet his eyes.

"Violet, don't you think you owe me an explanation?" Greg asked her in anger. 'She wants to leave? Ha! She's finally here in front of me. I didn't even need to try and look for her; she came to me all by herself. Does she think I'd let her go just like that?' he snorted.

Violet knew him very well. When Greg wanted to know something, he didn't stop until he got his answer.

Violet huffed. She decided to give him a reply. Avoiding him wouldn't resolve anything.

She looked at him from beneath her lashes, ready to give him her answer. Her determination to do so didn't stop a lone tear from falling down.

Greg saw her red eyes and felt heartbroken. 'What is wrong? Is she crying because of me? And why do I feel her pain?' he frowned at his own thoughts.

"Greg Xiao, you want an explanation, right? Fine, I will tell you the truth," Violet said resolutely. "I work at GR Group. Roger is the company's vice president and he got in a car accident because of me. I should have donated blood for him, because I owe him that much, all right? I need to make sure he's okay. I hope he can be saved. That's all."

Greg listened to her words and watched her tears fall. He felt ashamed. Violet wasn't in a relationship with Roger. He had got it all wrong.

But Violet didn't stop. "You wanted answers, right? You want to know why m

reason," he replied. She didn't break up with him because she didn't love him. They were very much in love when they were together, before she suddenly demanded a break-up. For five years, Greg couldn't figure out why she left. Contrary to what she just said, he was certain she didn't leave him because she didn't love him or because she felt bad about herself.

"Tell me the real reason," Greg pressed. He needed to know the truth. She owed him the truth. He could only move on after he knew the real reason.

Violet knew he was determined. Even if she stuck to her lie, he would not believe her.

"Greg, we broke up five years ago. The reason is not important," she tried to convince him. "It's better if you don't know it. I hope you can move on and live happily."

Greg moved to stand in front of her, blocking her path. "Violet, I won't be happy unless you tell me the reason."

"You'll feel worse after you know why!" she yelled in frustration. Calming herself down, she continued lightly,"Roger is still in the emergency room. I should leave now."

Violet left before he could stop her.

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