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   Chapter 635 Save Violet (Part Three)

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Greg looked around with a cold expression on his face. He had already been accustomed to such scenes, but he still couldn't open his heart which he had blocked since the last few years.

In the office of the president, Fred, and Greg sat together with several top executives. They were discussing the current condition of the hospital.

"Mr. Fred, now that Greg has come back, he will not be going abroad again, right?" an old man in a white gown questioned politely.

"Yes, you are right. My son will stay at our hospital in the coming days. He won't leave again," replied Fred cheerfully. He had been quite happy ever since Greg returned home yesterday.

"Good, that's very good. I believe a great breakthrough will be made in the field of plastic surgery in our hospital as long as Greg keeps working here."

"Yes, the technology is now pretty advanced overseas, and Greg has learned a lot from his study there. Right now, he is excellent in both theoretical knowledge and practical ability. I tallied out the number of patients who have registered yesterday. Greg's patients are so many that the appointment date schedule has already reached the 15th of next month.

"Really? It's unbelievable," said Fred with a smile on his face. He turned to look at his son who was sitting beside him saying,"Greg, you should be busy in the days ahead."

"That's okay. I will take all my patients seriously," responded Greg calmly. There was no smile on his face though he was in a pleasant situation and was chatting with his respectable elders. Greg had no idea when his smile disappeared. Now his smile had become more like a luxury.

"Mr. Fred, look, how dedicated Greg is! He will be an outstanding doctor in the future."

"That's true, he is so young and quite promising too."

"Ha ha, thanks for the praise," uttered Fred and he got so happy after hearing such wo

idn't know what to say now, he kept gazing at his son's back reluctantly.

When Greg got out of the office of the president, he saw a female nurse hurriedly running towards the direction of the office. It seemed that she had something urgent to say to his Father.

"What happened?" asked Greg before he closed the door.

The nurse glanced at Greg and then tried to look at Fred through the crack of the door.

Greg opened the door and allowed her to enter the room.

Standing beside the door, the nurse vexedly looked at Fred uttering,"Mr. Fred, there is bad news! Mr. Roger has been admitted to the emergency ward. I heard that, I heard that he has had a car accident."

"What?" Fred was shocked by what the nurse had said. He couldn't believe that the only son of the Gu Family was in the emergency ward of his hospital.

The nurse was speechless with anxiety. She looked at Fred and then averted her sight to Greg.

"I'll go and see how he's doing." With these words, Fred took up the white gown which hung on the clothes stand close by and left the office.

Greg immediately seized the nurse's arm and said to her hurriedly,"Please get me a gown as soon as possible."

After that, Greg also followed his Father and left the room.

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