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   Chapter 634 Save Violet (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6329

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"Hello, sonny, where are your parents?" Violet squatted in front of the boy and asked with a sweet smile on her face.

"My Daddy went to start his car. He told me to wait for him here," answered the little boy very obediently.

"Don't you know it's quite dangerous here?" Violet looked at the boy tenderly, and a warm smile curved her lips. She liked him because he was very cute and had a round face and fair skin.

The boy looked around, and then uttered gloomily,"I don't know. I didn't pay any attention to that till now. Aunt, these bubbles are so beautiful. Do you want to see them? I can make some for you too."

Looking at the cute boy, Violet caressed his head and replied,"Sure, but let's go to that place to blow the bubbles, okay?"

"No, I want to stay here," resisted the boy, with a frown on his face.

Roger Gu walked to the place where Violet was standing and still continued looking at her. He didn't know what Violet and the small boy were talking about, but he was quite sure Violet was poking?her nose into other people's business now.

Just then, Roger Gu noticed a car running at a short distance. Its speed was very high and it was running straight towards Violet.

Roger Gu opened his eyes wide and thought about what was going to happen in the next minute.

He recklessly rushed towards Violet and yelled at her at the same time.

"Violet, be careful!" he shouted loudly.

Hearing somebody call her name, Violet looked towards the direction of the voice and then she saw Roger Gu rushing towards her with an anxious expression on his face. 'What's wrong?' Violet was very confused.

But then she suddenly heard a harsh trumpet which seemed to come closer to her.

As soon as Violet saw the car which was about to hit her, she took the boy into her arms in a subconscious attempt to protect him.

"Violet," called Roger Gu again, pushing her aw

oting themselves silently to the XS Hospital.

"Let's come in first," suggested Fred. Seeing that the people around him had nodded to this, he directly walked into the hospital with his son.

On the way to his office, Fred affectionately looked at Greg and said,"I've arranged your office for you and everything has been prepared too. Later I will let the assistant take you there."

"Okay, I see," Greg nodded, uttering nothing more.

As Greg stepped into the hospital, he attracted all the people's attention in a pretty short time. Almost everyone, doctors, nurses and even the patients, turned their focus to his charming and handsome face. Everyone wanted to grab a few more glances of him.

"Ha ha, my son seems to be pretty attractive," said Fred proudly, being so delighted as now his famous son had come back. He had been looking forward to the day's coming for so long. He had always hoped that his son could stay at Xiaoshan Hospital. When Fred received the news from Greg, he knew that now his dream was going to be realized. Seeing his son being sensible, he believed that in the future the whole hospital's responsibility could be given to Greg. But Fred did not know if his son would like to accept such a heavy responsibility or not.

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