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   Chapter 633 Save Violet (Part One)

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Thirteen years later

It was October and the breeze had become cold. Winter had gradually engulfed the whole city.

At the intersection of the business streets, a young girl in a black suit was handing out leaflets to the passersby. She had a sheaf?of leaflets in her hands. On her arm was a cloth bag which was filled with the leaflets.

"Hello, these are the latest promotion actions of our shopping mall. Please have a look at it."

"Hello, please do have a look."

"Thank you."

The girl was polite and she was treating the people walking by with warmth and passion, because she held the belief that all these people were potential consumers and they could benefit her company.

Meanwhile, the giant video screen on the shopping mall building at the intersection was showing a young and handsome face. At the bottom of the screen, a line of subtitles attracted people's attention saying 'Highly-educated and handsome talent has come home from abroad, the XS Hospital is ushering in new development opportunities.'

As the subtitles appeared on the screen, a report started broadcasting. Then from the audio, the announcer's voice boomed.

"At the airport yesterday, our correspondent interviewed the handsome talent Greg Xiao who has come home from abroad. As a famous cosmetic surgeon, Greg Xiao has ignited numerous women' revelry with his returning. Dr. Greg has stated that he would work as a cosmetic surgeon in his family hospital. He also asserted that in the future new breakthroughs are going to be achieved for the XS Hospital's development."

A group of women clustered together under the screen, staring at it and feeling deeply attracted to the perfect face.

"Ah, what a handsome man. We must surely go to the XS Hospital to see Grey Xiao."

"I have heard that it's not easy to get an appointment with Dr. Greg unless you have an acquaintance who can help you with that."

"No problem at all. I have a friend who works in

ught of him. He must have grown into a handsome man, too. After all, back in the school, he was not only the most handsome boy but also every girl's ideal boyfriend. Or at least all the girls in their class seemed to think so. By now, he must be more handsome and charming.

A gust of breeze blew past her, making Violet shudder and pulling her out from her reverie.

She took a deep breath, and said to herself quietly,"Violet, you can also lead a happy life by yourself. You have Father, Mother and Brother who love you so much. That's enough. You must cheer yourself up and work hard to create the kind of life you wanted to have."

After that, Violet smiled confidently. Clasping the leaflets in her hands, she intended to resume handing out them to the pedestrians passing by.

Suddenly, Violet noticed a small kid who was blowing bubbles on the road. Holding a plastic bottle in his hand and playing cheerfully, the boy was totally ignoring how dangerous the place where he was standing was. Lots of cars were running beside him at a high speed.

Violet was a bit worried, so she looked around but there was no adult looking after that boy.

Being a warmhearted person, Violet decided to take the boy to a safe pedestrian area. Holding the leaflets in her arms, she walked towards the boy.

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