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   Chapter 631 Farewell At The Airport (Part Two)

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"Yes darling, you are right. It's lucky I have you around me," Cherry said. She raised her head and gazed at Jackson's handsome face soulfully. "Honey, we have had so many troubles. We've been through so many hardships together. Thank you for always being by my side. You're my warmth and my home."

"Baby, I should be the one to say thank you," Jackson told her gently. "I don't know what happiness is without you."

"We'll be together for the rest of our lives, won't we?" Cherry asked him coquettishly, already knowing his answer. She knew she was the only one who resided in his heart.

"Yes, I will love and spoil you like this for the rest of my life," Jackson promised his wife and kissed her.

Violet's room had pink walls that were lined with cartoon posters. The room was lovely and cheerful, just like her.

Lying on the bed, Violet stared at her brother.

Lawrence sat by her bed. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked her with curiosity. Violet had been staring at him for a long while. Lawrence felt awkward. He wondered if he had a pimple on his face.

"Brother, why are you going abroad all of a sudden? I just left the hospital. I wanted to spend time with you!" Violet complained. She didn't want her brother to leave so soon. 'When Lawrence is at home, I never feel lonely, even if Daddy and Mommy are busy. He is always there for me. And now he is leaving. Without him here, I'll be left all alone. There would be so many things I'd have to do all by myself, ' she thought to herself, clearly upset.

Lawrence noticed the sad look in his beloved sister's eyes and decided to tell her what he had been hiding.

"Violet, I want to tell you something, but you must pr

ese days. All he could do was try and make something of himself. He should be stronger than this. Only then would he be able to protect her.

"Well brother, I love you too. Stay reassured, though. I will take good care of Daddy and Mommy. I'll behave well and won't let them worry about me," Violet replied as she tightly held on to her brother's hand, feeling his warmth. He was her most reliable support.

"Violet, I believe you." Lawrence smiled. "Okay, it is late now. You should sleep. I will wake you up tomorrow morning."

"Yes, brother." With these two words, Violet laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. She gradually fell asleep.

Lawrence looked at his little sister's face for a long time. He wanted it etched in his mind, so that no matter where he was, he could recall it clearly.

Time passed by and the room fell silent. Lawrence didn't leave until he heard the steady rhythm of Violet's breath, indicating that she had fallen asleep. He tucked her in and left quietly.

In the morning, Lawrence walked into the classroom and sat down on his seat. He glanced at Mike's seat and saw that he had not come in yet.

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