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   Chapter 630 Farewell At The Airport (Part One)

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At Chu Family's house

In the evening, the entire family sat together in the living room and talked.

Sitting next to her father, Violet held one of his arms. Jackson had his other arm around Cherry's shoulders. No matter where he was, he always wanted her by his side. Cherry held her son's hand tightly.

"Joe," Jackson addressed his son. "The formalities for your going abroad are underway. They might take another two weeks to finish. We've also chosen the school you'd be attending. My friend will come and pick you up once you get there."

"Okay, I see," Lawrence replied, nodding fiercely.

Violet, who was shocked at what she just heard, asked,"Daddy, is my brother really going abroad?"

Jackson nodded but didn't know how to explain this to his little daughter.

Cherry looked at her daughter dotingly. "Violet, your brother is going abroad to attend high school there," she told her kindly.

"But why so soon? Isn't he supposed to go to a foreign university too, after high school?" Violet asked, still in disbelief. 'I thought my brother was about to finish his high school here, not abroad, ' she realized. 'I thought he'd still be here with me for three more years!' But now she was being told that he would leave before long. Violet was not ready.

Lawrence kept silent and didn't comment on his sister's words.

"Violet, your father talked to his friend abroad and he suggested we should send your brother for high school there. It would increase Lawrence's chances of entering into a competitive college or university. That would be good for your brother's future, so we agreed to it," Cherry explained to her daughter patiently.

Jackson also tried to coax his daughter. "Well Violet, when you graduate from junior high, Daddy and Mommy will send you there too to

ood for him to spend time with his little sister.

"Okay, Joe. Remember not to leave until Violet falls asleep. Make sure you tuck her in," Cherry said to Lawrence.

"Got it, Mom!" Uttering these words, Lawrence took Violet's hand and went upstairs.

Watching the children go upstairs, Cherry snuggled in Jackson's arms, feeling a little sad.

"Darling, I'm a little reluctant to let Joe leave us so soon," Cherry cooed.

"Our son will grow up and leave us sooner or later. In the future, he will marry a woman he loves. Would you be jealous of your daughter-in-law then?" Jackson asked her in humor.

Cherry was not so shocked at Jackson's question. She thought for a while and said,"Maybe. You know my son means a lot to me."

"Baby, don't be upset. You know you have me to love and spoil you. As for the children, let them live according to their wishes. When they grow up, they will also find the ones with whom they want to spend their lives with. At that time, the only thing we'd be able to do is give them our best wishes," Jackson said affectionately. Cherry had always been sensitive. Even after they had their daughter her love for her son did not decrease, not even a bit.

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