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   Chapter 629 Greg's Present (Part Three)

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Alice Lu happily replied,"Well, Lawrence is not here, but I'm here and I can protect you. Violet, you can trust me." Two beautiful dimples appeared on her cheek when she smiled.

Violet replied gladly,"Okay. So, I'll also protect you. Alice."

Alice laughed at her and said,"Then we shall grow up together happily and protect each other. Ha ha."

Violet agreed,"Okay. In this way, we won't need any boyfriends. I'll protect you and you'll protect me." Looking at Alice's smile, Violet also felt glad. As long as Alice was with her, she didn't require any other friends.

Alice Lu suddenly covered her mouth and laughed,"Ha ha, Violet, you want to fall in love at such an early age and you are talking about getting a boyfriend."

Violet was shy and said coyly,"No, no, no. I didn't mean it. Alice, will you not marry in the future?"

Alice said,"Certainly I'll get married. But it will be a long time before we both get married. We're only ten years old now."

Violet smiled at this and said,"Then you'll get married ten years later. Just ask your Daddy to find someone from the business elite and you two can then get married." She really felt that this future was wonderful.

Alice suddenly got serious and started imagining what her future would be like. She said,"No. I want to find my Mr. Right by myself. I will not be able to love the guy my Daddy arranges for me."

Violet agreed to this and said,"Me too." She looked up at the sky and seriously said,"Alice, my Mommy always tells me that girls shouldn't be vain. Money can't really buy happiness. We rich girls especially need to know this. We should live happily, seize all the happiness and be sensible."

Alice agreed to what Violet said,"You're right. We need to grow up happily."

Violet stared at the sky ardently and shouted,"yes, Alice and I will grow up happily."

Following her, Alice also shouted towards the sky,"Violet and I will b

hed to see this and wondered why Yvette Liu has suddenly said so. Then she calmed down and replied. "Do we need to be friends? After all, we rarely talk to each other. Being classmates is more than enough."

Yvette Liu nodded her head and replied,"Okay, as you say."

Violet then said,"If you have nothing else to say, I really want to do my homework now." She wanted Yvette Liu to go away from here as she felt upset when Yvette was around. She didn't want to talk to a girl like her and decided to treat her like other classmates and after they graduated, she would never come in contact with her again.

Yvette Liu replied,"Okay. Goodbye." Then she stood up and left from there.

Violet heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yvette Liu walking away from there. She looked around and happened to gaze into Greg's eyes.

Violet noticed that Greg looked worried about her, so she gestured to show him that everything was OK and he didn't need to be tensed about her. Then she touched the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace which was around her neck, stared at Greg once again and smiled.

Watching her gesture and expression, Greg also laughed. His heart had started beating for this girl.

He thought to himself, 'Violet Chu, as long as you're fine, I'll remain happy too.'

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