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   Chapter 628 Greg's Present (Part Two)

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Looking at the group of pupils there, Violet felt that she and Alice could not win. But if she was weak and gave up, in future they would always laugh at her. They might even make fun of and mock her. So she couldn't give up. She didn't want that her life should be like this.

Determined, Violet coldly said,"Yvette Liu, I dare you to take one more step. I'll kick your family out of this city. Just try me." Violet stared at the girl in the front. She knew all about the girl's family background. Violet had gone to one party with her Daddy before and she had seen that girl and her father, who was respectfully talking to her Daddy.

Yvette Liu's eyes widened and she was at a loss of words.

Violet continued talking,"Don't you believe? If not, let us just give it a try. You know, my family owns the famous JC Group, which includes many bars and entertainment clubs. So it is very easy for me to throw your family out of this city." Violet wasn't afraid of Yvette, despite of the malicious look on her face. She told herself that at this moment she should not back down. She wanted to protect Alice and herself too.

Yvette Liu was silent because she knew how powerful and rich Violet Chu's family was.

Another girl said,"Don't you listen to her. She is only bluffing. She's despised by us."

Violet looked at that girl and said,"Now, do you think you have any right to talk? If I remember very correctly, one day I saw your mother coming out of one of my family's entertainment clubs. However,"

She paused for a second and then continued,"the guy with your mother did not seem to be your father."

After hearing this, all other girls started looking at that girl.

That girl got nervous. She looked around, was very awkward an

great too. You want them to go bankrupt." She found that Alice also liked talking roughly just like her.

Alice tightly held her hand, firmly looked at her and said,"All right, all right. That's the reason why we're close friends."

Violet was still grateful to her and said,"Alice, thank you very much." When she had heard those girls saying something bad about her, she had wanted to just ignore them. But she did not expect that Alice would come forward and start arguing with them.

Alice replied,"Violet, it's really a pity that Lawrence and Mike are not at the same school as us. If they were here, they would have definitely taught those girls a lesson and we wouldn't have to do anything ourselves."

Violet said,"Yes. you are right. If only my brother is here. He could have protected me all the time." She suddenly missed her brother very much. Usually she was mean to him, but her brother still loved her. In that hospital room, it was the first time for her to see him cry. Her brother actually cried for her. At the thought of this, she felt sad and happy at the same time. She believed that surely there must be a place for her in his heart.

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