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   Chapter 626 Discharging Violet From Hospital (Part Three)

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"Okay, I will meet up with Alice at school," Violet said sounding a little disappointed, wanting Alice to ride into school with her like they usually did.

At that moment, Jackson and Lawrence entered the dining room.

"Good morning, Dad," Violet said back to smiling happily.

"Good morning, my sweetheart," greeted Jackson. He gazed at Violet, her radiant smile warming his heart.

The four sat together enjoying breakfast and in high spirits. Even though Cherry and Jackson didn't talk much during breakfast, big broad smiles made their satisfaction evident.

After they finished breakfast, Bill drove Lawrence to school.

While Jackson and Cherry waited for Violet in the living room, she dashed upstairs to get her school bag.

"Honey, I'll meet you at the JC Group offices after I take Violet to school," Cherry told Jackson.

"That sounds good. I have been so busy worrying about Violet, and I need to catch up with business. Between the business matters here and projects in Hong Kong, I'm swamped," Jackson frowned, and there was a flash of concern in his eyes. 'There are so many things to attend to, including Lawrence going abroad to school. Everything needs to be handled now, ' he said silently.

Taking Jackson's hand, Cherry looked at him tenderly and said,"There is nothing we can't solve together. Now that our children's problems are settled, we don't need to worry about them. All we need to do is focus on business matters. We will figure things out."

Listening to Cherry's motivating words, Jackson thought nothing was too difficult to solve, 'As long as she stands by me, I can fix anything, ' he reminded himself.

Holding Cherry against his chest, Jackson gazed down with an affectionate look and agreed,"Yes, you are right."

When Violet got back downstairs, she saw Cherry in Jackson's

uch, bye!" Amy said.

After the two said their goodbyes and parted, Cherry headed straight to the JC Group.

Advertisements for the JC Group could be seen everywhere in the city. They ranged from screens above the crossroads to advertising boards at shopping malls, or on subways. Over the last few years, the JC Group expanded business to include mass media. Nowadays, the group's entertainment clubs had steady growth. Alongside the entertainment, there were significant improvements in the media sector. The JC Group headquarters were located in a skyscraper at the southernmost point of the city. Whereas JC's bars, entertainment clubs, golf courses, and tea cafes were scattered throughout the entire city. At night, the JC Group's name was lit up in neon red lights and could be spotted throughout half the city. The JC Group left a deep impression on the people living in this city.

Cherry parked her car in the VIP parking at the JC Group's parking lot.

Getting into the elevator, Cherry rode it up to Jackson's office. When the elevator doors opened, she saw a familiar figure.

Susan had just finished briefing Jackson. Her arms were full of papers, and she was leaving when she saw Cherry headed towards her.

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