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   Chapter 625 Discharging Violet From Hospital (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-02-07 01:46

"Dad, Mom, I am genuinely sorry for what happened to Violet. Every time I see her, I am tormented with guilt. Furthermore, I hate my school and the class I am studying in. Lately, I can't focus on my studies. Since I was planning on studying abroad anyway, I decided, I would rather go now than wait till college. I want to finish high school overseas, and then go to a university there," said Lawrence patiently while thinking, 'I can't go into details in front of Dad.'

Cherry held Lawrence's hand while weighing the facts, 'I have paying close attention to Lawrence lately, and he is different. Violet's accident must have hit him hard. He must think a new environment will help him forget the unpleasant things that happened.'

Not knowing Cherry's opinion yet, Jackson watched her silently.

"Lawrence, give us some time to discuss this, okay? Your Dad and I will talk, and then we'll give you our decision in a couple of days, sound fair?" Cherry asked. "Even if we agree to let you go, we will need to make some formal arrangements to allow it, and that takes some time. While you are waiting for our answer though, I hope you will continue to study hard at school. You do know it isn't easy living in a foreign country. You will have to adapt to a lot of new ways, and make changes," she stressed.

"I appreciate that, Mom. However, I think you should know, that while I hate the idea of leaving you, Dad and Violet, my performance in school has suffered lately. I have lost my drive, and feel like I am a zombie. That's why I..." Lawrence had a troubled look and stopped explaining.

Cherry put her arm around Lawrence's shoulder offering comfort, and in a motherly tone said,"I know sweetheart, and I understand how you're feeling."

"Thank you Mom," Lawrence replied c

d jumped up to go get him.

Listening to her Mom, Violet stated abruptly,"Mom, next time you want Lawrence to do something, please, ask me first, and I will instruct him to do it. I think that will be better."

Looking at her mischievous daughter, Cherry shook her head thinking, 'As always, she enjoys bullying her brother.'

Lily came out of the kitchen with breakfast and saw Cherry and Violet sitting at the table. She greeted with a pleasant smile,"Good morning, Mrs. Chu and Miss Chu."

"Good morning Lily!" Violet beamed,"What do you think of my outfit, Lily? This purple one is my favorite!"

Lily gave Violet an admiring smile. 'She looks quite lovely in the T-shirt, ' she thought.

"You look very pretty today," Lily answered immediately.

"Will we be picking Alice up, Mom? Or is Aunt Amy taking her to school?" asked Violet suddenly.

"Aunt Amy didn't ask me to pick Alice up, so, I guess she will drive Alice in today, and I will escort you to school," Cherry replied thinking, 'If Amy didn't have time to bring Alice, she would call me as usual. But, Amy didn't call, which means she is free today. So, I only need to worry about getting Violet off to school.'

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