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   Chapter 624 Discharging Violet From Hospital (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-02-07 01:46

A Month Later

Standing at the hospital's gate, dressed in casual loose clothes, Violet cheerfully held Alice's hand.

"I was finally free of that hospital!" Violet exclaimed, as she heaved a great sigh of relief, and looked up at the clear blue sky.

"Yes, and tomorrow we can go to school together," Alice said delightedly, thrilled to see Violet so lively and happy. All of a sudden, a shadow came over her face as she thought of Violet's scars. Everyone knew how much pain Violet felt.

Jackson and Cherry glanced at each other, and then at their daughter. Seeing the radiant smile return to Violet's face again, gave them each a great sense of joy and made them smile.

"Violet looks so happy!" Amy said relieved, as she held Derek's arm. She was thrilled that Violet was recovering from the tremendous blow she took and looking happy again.

"Yes, her bright smile must be a big relief for Jackson and Cherry," Derek added.

Standing behind everyone, Lawrence and Mike watched Violet intently.

"Violet, Violet!" Greg called abruptly, as he ran towards Violet with a small gift box in his hand.

Everyone, including Violet, turned and looked at Greg. Standing still with a face full of mingled surprise and joy, Violet watched Greg rush up to her.

"Greg, why are you here?" asked Violet smiling readily.

A little out of breath, Greg gasped and held onto his knees. He took a few deep breaths and explained,"When my dad told me you were going home from the hospital today, I wanted to come meet you here." Greg presented a box to Violet in his outstretched hand and said,"I have a gift here for you!"

Intrigued by the small box, Violet stared at it and asked,"What is it?" Gingerly taking

en he raised his head, it was Lawrence standing in front of him.

"Lawrence?" Jackson asked surprised.

From behind Lawrence, Cherry stated flatly,"Our son said that he had something to tell us." She led him over to the couch.

Lawrence remained silent and sat down on the sofa with Cherry. Jackson noticed the seriousness of Lawrence's expression, and got out of bed to sit beside him.

"What's up, Lawrence?" asked Cherry.

Lawrence shot Jackson a glance before looking over at his Mom and decisively announcing,"I want to go abroad."

"Go abroad?" echoed Cherry dumbfounded. She was shocked at Lawrence's announcement and wondered, 'Why does Lawrence suddenly want to go overseas?'

An equally confused Jackson stared at Lawrence thoughtfully as he analyzed what he knew, 'I don't know why he wants to go abroad. But, if he intends to study abroad, I won't oppose it. I just want to know the reason.'

"Yeah," Lawrence nodded.

"Lawrence, I want to know your thoughts. The honest reason you want to go," Cherry said tenderly. 'After I know his reason, I can determine whether I support his decision or not, ' she thought.

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