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   Chapter 623 Kinship Between The Chu Siblings (Part Three)

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Finally, he mustered the courage to go in and pushed the door open.

Jackson and Cherry looked at the door and saw Lawrence coming in.

"Lawrence, you're here!" Cherry said to him, as she hastily wiped her tears away.

Lawrence didn't say much, but nodded and put his backpack on the floor. He then walked up to Cherry and took the bowl from her. "Mom, I will feed Violet later. You and dad go home and get some rest," he proposed.

"Now that you're here, we'll go and have a word with Uncle Fred first. Look after your sister while we're gone, we need to discuss somethings with him," Cherry said handing him the bowl of porridge and walking out the door with Jackson.

"Just leave her to me," Lawrence said quietly.

Watching Cherry and Jackson step out of the room, Lawrence perched himself on the edge of the bed and saw Violet's angry face.

"Violet," Lawrence softly said.

She didn't reply. She didn't want to speak to him.

Not being able to bear Violet's radio silence, Lawrence spoke,"I am so sorry Violet. It is all my fault. I shouldn't have left you alone at home; I shouldn't have come home earlier. This is all because of me. I am sorry."

Lawrence couldn't stop the tears from flowing. He burst out crying, hoping she could forgive him.

Violet looked at her brother and was surprised. 'I've never seen him cry before. But today he is weeping for me like this!' she said to herself.

Violet could not believe her eyes when she saw her elder brother looking so dejected. She never saw as much as a frown on his face.

She reached out her tiny hands and touched Lawrence gently on the elbow.

"Lawrence," she called tenderly.

Lawrence looked up. He saw her sad face and morose eyes and felt that she was extremely sad because of the many scars that she had on her

noticed her mother's swollen red eyes and realised that she was the reason behind her sadness. She looked at her mom and said,"I'm sorry Mom, I'll be obedient now and eat well. You are sad because of me."

Cherry shook her heard, tears flowing down her face. "No, no my baby girl. Don't blame yourself. It is my fault. I should have looked after you better," she blamed herself.

Cherry gently pulled her precious daughter close to her into a hug. She was careful so she didn't hurt her little daughter's wounds further.

Violet hugged her Mom, tightening her grasp around her waist and said,"Mom, I'm sorry. I will be obedient now and will eat everything you give me and on time also. I won't trouble you anymore."

Cherry smiled as happy tears flowed down her face. She thought to herself, 'All I want is for my little Violet to have a happy life. As long as she is happy, there is nothing I want. She is such a good girl.'

"Mom, I am craving for a hamburger. And I also want to eat noodles with soya bean paste, the way Lily makes it," Violet chirped.

Cherry was more than happy to hear that. "Of course my darling. I will ask Lily to prepare the noodles for you," she replied gladly.

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