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   Chapter 622 Kinship Between The Chu Siblings (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Changdu Characters: 6306

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The two sat on the bench silently. After a long while, Mike opened his mouth,"Rebecca has quit school. I made her. Had she not quit even after all this, I would have made her life very difficult here."

Lawrence didn't care about Rebecca anymore. She looked like a distant thought now. He was lost in contemptuous thought as she came to mind, 'Compared to Violet, Rebecca doesn't even hold a candle. Her snobbish, selfish attitude disgusts me, ' he thought.

"Mike," Lawrence called out to him.

"Yeah?" Mike responded.

"I think I'll move abroad. After all that has happened, I don't think I can stay here." He sighed inside, 'Sitting in that classroom will remind me of what happened between me and that girl even she isn't there. I don't think I can stand it. When I leave school and go home and there, I see Violet's naughty face. I miss her antics. It has all changed so much, everything is different now.' Lawrence buried his face into his hands, as he thought, 'I miss Violet's smile. I hope she smiles again, but I don't know if she will ever be merry again.'

"Have you made up your mind for sure?" Mike asked. He was concerned with this new development. Curious, he continued,"Have you asked your parents?" He understood where all this angst came from. He knew his best friend in and out and could empathise with him. After all, coming to school everyday would only replay the horrible happenings in his mind, over and over again. His need to run away from it all was justified.

"I haven't told them yet," Lawrence answered coolly.

"Well, if you go abroad, I will follow you there," said Mike with an air of finality. There was something severe and conclusive in his voice.

Hearing this, Lawrence was dumbfounded. He knew Mike was his best friend but he had never expected him to follow him to the other end of the world.

But Mike had made up his min

anding outside Violet's ward. He was peering inside, looking at Violet, Cherry and Jackson.

In Cherry's hand was a small bowl of porridge. She was looking at Violet, concerned. "Sweetheart, you haven't eaten anything at all. Just eat some porridge please," she said.

Violet didn't respond.

Jackson looked in a fix, worried and sad. He was helpless in this situation, as he could do nothing to make Violet better or to eliminate Cherry's worry. He could do nothing! He had visited a lot of specialists with Derek and every single one of them had said that they could do nothing for her scars.

Jackson gently put a hand on Cherry's shoulder and said,"Maybe she's not hungry now. Let's try again in a while."

Cherry looked up at Jackson and burst into tears.

Jackson pulled his beloved wife closer and clutched her into a gentle hug. They both looked at their daughter with a worried look on their face.

Lawrence was standing outside, unbeknown to the rest of his family. He hung his head low, worried for them all. 'Mum cries everyday and even Violet cries herself to sleep each night. She isn't even ready to talk to any of us anymore. My family has been broken almost, all of them in low spirits all the time, ' he thought, saddened.

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