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   Chapter 621 Kinship Between The Chu Siblings (Part One)

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The atmosphere was tense and intangible inside the CEO's office of the XS hospital. Jackson and Cherry sat next to each other, anxious and blank. Derek sat next to Fred Xiao.

Fred began in a serious voice, addressing both Jackson and Cherry,"Look, I am not going to keep you both in the dark about Violet's injury any longer." He had kept shut about it until Violet's parents came back. Fred intended to tell them what was wrong with their daughter and thought it would help them be prepared for whatever was to come.

Jackson gulped. He looked at Cherry and nodded, worried that she might not be able to take in, whatever it was that Dr. Fred had to say to them.

Fred looked at them kindly and continued,"The wounds on Violet's body aren't deep, so to say. But there are a lot of them. Especially on her back. Her back is full of these cuts," he paused to look at them. There was no change in their expression whatsoever and so he went on,"Violet will have a lot of scars on her body and her back. She may never even be able to wear a dress, without the scars showing."

Derek was quiet but in his mind, a tidal chaos was rising. He had already expected to hear this but he wasn't sure if Cherry and Jackson were prepared for it. He looked at them and thought, 'Can they take such a big blow? And what would poor Violet think of it? Will she be able to bear this fact and carry the burden of it for many years to come?'

"What about the wounds and bruises on her feet? Will she walk normally despite of them?" Cherry asked, anxiously.

Fred Xiao shook his head and replied,"That wouldn't be a problem. The wounds aren't serious. They will not handicap her in anyway."

Cherry heaved a sigh of relief, as if the tightness in her chest had eased, just a lit

at she has woken up, he would be even more worried.'

Mike sighed and slid closer to Lawrence.

Lawrence felt his movements and knew that Mike was trying to comfort him. But he still could not bring himself to look at him.

Miked gently touched his arm and comfortingly said,"Don't worry! Your sister is going to be fine."

Lawrence looked at him, completely blank. Finding his voice, he finally spoke,"Do you think Violet will make it through all this trauma? Those scars on her body...the doctors said that they would remain for a long time. Do you think she will be as happy as she was earlier?"

Mike could not respond to his best friend's questions. He couldn't lie to him to make him feel better. He thought, 'Violet has been very emotional in the past two weeks. I'm sure she is finding it difficult to cope with everything.'

Lawrence continued,"Mike, I have failed Violet. She is so little, so cute and I..."

He paused, as if he couldn't say anything more. He was suddenly overcome with guilt and hatred for himself.

Mike sat near to him quietly, with a gentle pat on his shoulder. 'I'm his best friend and I will always be with him, ' he said to himself.

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