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   Chapter 620 Our Child's Future (Part Three)

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Seeing Bill's awkward situation, and knowing Bill was blameless, Lawrence owned up and told his Father,"I went to the bar for some drinks, and when I got home, I saw Violet laying on the floor injured,"

"You!" seethed Jackson, anger radiated in his eyes, and he lifted his hand to strike.

In that second, Cherry stepped away from Jackson's side and was in front of Lawrence. She knew what Jackson intended, and clung tightly to her son. Jackson was going to hit their son, but, she would never allow that.

Jackson's hand stopped, and hung there, frozen, in the air. He wanted to release his anger, but Cherry had jumped in front of Lawrence, and he didn't want to hurt her.

"Jackson!" Derek uttered surprised at his friend's reaction. In a flash, Derek was next to Jackson holding his arm as he reminded him,"Calm down, please."

Lawrence buried his face in his Mother's arm and started sobbing uncontrollably. He thought it was all his fault, but his Mother still protected him. Lawrence willingly shouldered the responsibility of his mistake. He didn't mind if his Father punished him. But, Lawrence didn't mean for his Sister to be harmed. He never expected any of that to happen.

Releasing Lawrence slowly, Cherry turned and glared at Jackson saying,"Even if it is Lawrence's fault, I won't let you hurt my boy!"

Seeing anger flash in Cherry's eyes, Jackson became flustered immediately. He didn't want to hit their son, Jackson loved their son very much. But, just then, his impulse was to strike the person responsible, and he didn't know how he could have reacted in such an irrational manner.

Afterwards, holding Lawrence's hand, Cherry led him to the landing.

On the Landing, Cherry remained calm and asked,"Lawrence, I want you to tell me what happened yesterday?"

Something must have happened to Lawrence yesterday, and Cherry knew just looking at her son's expression that his heart was breaking. When he called her the other night, she knew he was struggling with something, but she never considered he would end up at the bar th

ore relaxed. One of her children was laying in a hospital bed, hurt. She couldn't let the other one end up hurt as well.

Cherry went and sat next to Jackson, and reaching over, she took Jackson's hand in hers and gave it a gentle, yet firm squeeze.

Feeling Cherry's tiny hand in his, Jackson clenched Cherry's hand tightly. He was worried that Cherry would have been mad at him for how he reacted. He was so scared that she wouldn't pay attention to him or that she might even leave him again.

"Do you remember the other night when Lawrence called me?" Cherry suddenly said to Jackson. Derek sitting on the other side of Jackson, could hear her clearly.

"I knew there was some sort of problem between Lawrence and a classmate," Cherry continued explaining what happened on behalf of her son,"He told me that he learned that one of his best friends was only by his side for money. There was no true friendship between them. Lawrence couldn't accept that, and went to the bar to drink alcohol."

"So, Violet went downstairs to get herself water in the middle of the night when she woke up feeling thirsty. That's when she..." said Derek after finally figuring out what happened.

Jackson sat there quietly without saying a word.

"Darling, what happened is not important. Compared to the past, we should think more about our daughter's future," stated Cherry.

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