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   Chapter 619 Our Child's Future (Part Two)

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Lawrence's eyes?remained fixed on his Sister's waxen face. Inside, Lawrence was guilt ridden, feeling scared, and repentant in his heart. 'I'm so sorry, Violet. This is all my fault. I promise I will never tease you again. In my heart, you are my dearest Sister, and I love you more than anyone else! Please, please! Be all right?!' Lawrence repeated to himself, over and over.

Lawrence could barely hold back the tears threatening to erupt again. 'Violet, I will devote all my life to fixing what happened. I beg your forgiveness, ' Lawrence silently swore.

Meantime, Alice Lu stopped wailing loudly, and quietly watched Violet Chu. Alice Lu noted the IV drip attached to her and earnestly prayed, 'Violet, you will always be the most beautiful girl in the world to me. In the future, when we are grown up together, I promise, I will do my very best to let you keep shining brightly and be the most beautiful girl in the world.'

Standing in a corner, alone, Greg Xiao stared out the window instead of the hospital bed because he was afraid that he would burst into tears. As he gazed at the high buildings outside, Greg Xiao's mind began to wander, and he was lost in thought, dwelling on Violet Chu's sweet smile he saw when they were in class. Whether giving a speech or playing with classmates out on the playground, Violet Chu was always active and funny. Her incident left him wondering if she would smile again after she woke up and left the hospital.

Gradually, Greg Xiao's resolve firmed up, and his eyes hardened. He told himself he would give up painting from now on, and instead, he would dedicate his time and efforts to help Violet. He wanted to rid her body of the scars. Because, in his heart, her smile was the most beautiful treasure and he wanted to see it always.

At the international airport

As soon as Jackson and Cherry stepped off the airport, they saw Bill beside the car, waiting for them.

Bill rushed forward

over her mouth with her hand, biting down in an attempt to repress her sadness.

Jackson was more upset when he saw Cherry doing that. Derek didn't know how to console either of them.

After a while, Jackson got close to Cherry and put his arm around her shoulders. She was so weak from the stress and emotions that Jackson was afraid she might faint.

With so many people standing there, not one speaking, the silence in the doorway to the ward seemed almost eerie.

"Lawrence, what the hell went on while we were gone?" Jackson bellowed. Right, that moment, he wished anyone but his darling daughter was the one on the ward, and afraid he might react impulsively and regret it, Jackson didn't look back at the little girl laying in the hospital bed.

"I got home late last night, and..." Lawrence stammered. Standing in front of his parents, and feeling guilty, he lowered his head, too scared to look either in the eyes, especially his Mother who had a tear stained face.

"Why were you late? Didn't Bill pick you up after school?" As he spoke, Jackson turned a furious glare in Bill's direction. He wanted the truth and he wanted it now!

"No, because..." Bill stopped, unsure what to say. He knew Jackson was waiting for an answer. But how could he explain what happened yesterday?

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