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   Chapter 618 Our Child's Future (Part One)

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It broke Amy's heart to see her daughter distraught like this. She held Alice Lu's arm and eventually gave in,"Alright, alright, I'll take you over there."

While Amy was driving on the way, she called Violet Chu and Alice Lu's teacher to explain that they would not come to school today.

The first class of the day began in five minutes, and Mike Yu sat at his desk glancing back at Lawrence's empty seat. Mike wondered if Lawrence would be late or not show up for school today.

As worried as Mike was, he ultimately decided to look for Lawrence because seeing that Lawrence was okay would be the only way to set his mind at ease.

Mike got to his feet and walked over to Jason. "Inform me if Lawrence gets here, the minute he arrives," Mike ordered.

"Okay," replied Jason, wondering where Mike was going.

After he left the class, Mike Yu walked down the hall toward the head teacher's office.

"Mike, are you here to request a leave of absence?" asked the head teacher looking surprised. While young master Mike gave the appearance of being an unruly pupil, the head teacher believed Mike Yu wasn't a bad student since he performed well most of the time.

"Yes, and Lawrence Chu would like a pass to leave too. He will be absent today," Mike Yu informed his teacher. If he was right, there was a ninety percent chance that Lawrence wasn't coming into today. So, Mike Yu felt duty bound to lend his friend a hand by requesting a pass for him.

"Lawrence will not be coming into school either?" repeated the flabbergasted teacher, who was fully aware that the young master Lawrence of the Chu family needed to be handled with respect. Not only was Lawrence an excellent student, but his conduct was above reproach. Moreover, when it came to family background, none could compare with him.

"Yes, he does," Mike reiterated as he maintained eye contact with the principal.

The head teacher suddenly felt awkward about th

ing, and he tried consoling her.

"Daddy, I want Violet! I want her to wake up," Alice Lu sobbed.

"The doctor said she will wake up soon. Let's be patient and wait a bit longer, okay?" persuaded Derek softly.

Alice Lu stared into her Daddy's eyes, and decided to believe what he told her. She nodded as she sniffled, trying to stop herself from crying.

Standing at Lawrence's side, Mike Yu took a good look at his friend. Tears had made Lawrence's eyes swollen, puffy and red. Having suffered one blow to his heart yesterday during school, and arriving home to find his little Sister injured, Lawrence must be feeling overwhelmed and depressed. After all, This little girl lying unconscious in the hospital bed was beloved by Lawrence. Mike recalled Lawrence telling him that the two most important people in his life were his Mother and Sister. Adding to the misery, Violet Chu had sunk into a deep coma. Her face was free of marks but looked pale, while her back, shins, and feet were wrapped tightly with gauze. As he had seen the extent of the wounds, Mike easily pictured Violet Chu after she left the hospital ward. Oh, over time, the wounds would heal, but, scars would remain on her form, and many of those would stay with her for life — an unbearable consequence for a girl.

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