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   Chapter 616 First-aid In The Hospital (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-02-05 03:30

When they arrived at the hospital, the hospital staff quickly wheeled her inside and to the operating room. Some of the staff had to stop Lawrence from rushing inside after Violet. He tried to see what they were doing to his sister but he couldn't see anything.

Bill rushed inside the emergency room and found Lawrence, dazed, slumped on the floor, by the wall. He lumbered to Lawrence and brought him to sit on the chairs. He kept himself calm while he dialed Derek's number.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice answered on the other line.

"Mr. Derek! Please. You have to come to the hospital. Quickly. Violet is hurt. And their parents are not here. You're the only one I know I can turn to," Bill recounted and begged. It was past midnight and they were already sleeping but he had no choice.

"What?" Derek sat up, now wide awake. "Bill, what happened?" Derek asked. He was already on his feet.

"Violet was on the floor. And there was blood everywhere," Bill started to explain. "And there was broken glass on the table, on the floor, on Violet-"

"What? There was blood? Which hospital did you take her?" Derek pressed Bill for more information.

"XS Hospital," Bill reported.

"I'm on my way. Where's Lawrence?" Derek asked while he pulled his pants through his legs.

"He's here. We're both at the waiting room," Bill answered. Bill took a few steps backward so Lawrence wouldn't hear his words. "He must be freaking out right now. He hasn't spoken a word since we arrived."

Derek could only imagine what Lawrence must be going through. Cherry had always protected him, sheltered him, and he's never experienced anything like this before. He must be devastated.

"Okay, watch over him. I'll be right there," Derek told Bill.

ek approached Lawrence and placed a hand on his shoulder. He called,"Lawrence."

Lawrence lifted his head when he heard his name. His eyes met Derek's and tears flowed from it.

"Uncle Derek, I didn't mean to get her hurt!" Lawrence cried. He shouldn't have gone to the bar to get drunk, he thought. He should have gone home early, had dinner with Violet, and spent the entire night with her.

Derek embraced Lawrence. "It's not your fault, Lawrence. This is not your fault," Derek reassured Lawrence. "Violet's going to be fine."

Derek continued to comfort Lawrence and sat with him at the waiting room. They couldn't do anything at that point but to wait.

Fred and Greg arrived at the emergency room a few minutes later. Fred rushed to Derek's side and saw the deep worries in both their eyes.

"Derek," Fred placed his hand on Derek's shoulder. Derek and Lawrence lifted their head and locked eyes with Fred. "Fred, thanks for coming," Derek thanked his friend.

Fred nodded to Derek. He turned to Lawrence,"Lawrence." Lawrence nodded,"Uncle Fred."

"I'm going to see what I can find out. Stay here, okay?" Fred reassured Derek and Lawrence.

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