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   Chapter 615 First-aid In The Hospital (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-02-05 03:29

Bill pulled up to the curb just as Lawrence stumbled out of the bar, held upright by the manager. He stepped on the brakes and ran out of the car towards Lawrence. He took Lawrence's arm from the manager and placed it over his shoulder.

"What happened, Sir? Are you okay?" Bill asked. He pulled Lawrence to his feet and inhaled the strong stench of alcohol on him. Confused, he tried to get Lawrence to talk,"Were you drinking?"

Lawrence ignored Bill's question and pointed to the car. "Home! Now!"

Lawrence forced himself to stand on his feet and pushed Bill away. He almost fell again but Bill caught him. Bill and the manager helped Lawrence to the car.

Bill was surprised at Lawrence's actions. He was usually so polite and sensible and respected Bill. Did something happen to him today?

After he made sure Lawrence was safe in the car, Bill turned to the manager and asked what happened.

The manager knew that Bill had been the Chu's family driver for a long time and he told Bill the truth. "Mr. Lawrence came here after class with his friends. He just told us to keep the wine coming and not ask questions. We didn't ask."

"Okay, thank you. I'll take care of him," Bill returned to the car and drove away.

While he drove back to the house, Bill peeked at Lawrence through the rearview mirror, but he was still passed out. 'What happened to you, Lawrence? Why did you drink so much?' Bill thought to himself.

When they arrived at the house, Bill assisted Lawrence out of the car. Lawrence stared at Bill, telling him,"I'm going to bed."

Bill supported Lawrence with his arm around Bill's shoulder. "Sir, are you going to be okay?"

Bill was worried about Lawrence, especially when he saw how drunk he really was. Before Jackson and Cherry left for Hong Kong, the couple told Bill to take care of their children. And he failed them today. Guilt ate him inside. But today's incident just showed that Lawrence was sad and

ll pushed open the front door and went for the living room first. When he saw nobody in there, he rushed to the dining room. He halted when he saw the bloody scene.

Lawrence had an unconscious and wounded Violet in his arms. There was blood on Lawrence's face, clothes, arms, and hands. A pool of blood with glass shards collected on the floor and Bill knew Violet was struck by the glass.

"Sir, we need to take Violet to the hospital now!" Bill panicked at the sight of the bloody Violet but forced himself to calm down to avoid panic.

Lawrence stared at Violet. Bill had to shake him to make sure he heard Bill. "Right, right, let's go now."

Lawrence carried Violet to the door while Bill ran ahead of them to open it and get the car. Bill stepped on the gas as soon as Lawrence and Violet were inside the car.

On their way to the hospital, Bill called the hospital while they were still in the car.

Lawrence's face was drenched in tears while he stroked Violet's cheek. "You're going to be fine, Violet. I'm right here. I'm not gonna leave you. I'm right here. Please be fine, Violet. We'll be at the hospital soon."

His face was still in shock, as his eyes stared at Violet's bloody unconscious body. His mind was fuzzy and wasn't working. His heart pounded against his chest.

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