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   Chapter 614 Help Me, My Brother (Part Three)

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For over five hours Bill had been searching for Lawrence, and even checked some entrances of the Hutong area. But, Lawrence wasn't anywhere to be found. Bill was extremely worried. What could have happened to Lawrence? Since Jackson and Cherry weren't home, Bill wondered how he was supposed to report this to them if something happened to Lawrence?

In the private room at the bar.

Mike and Jason glanced at Lawrence, passed out on the sofa, unsure what to say.

"Mike, do you think Lawrence has sobered up by now?" Jason asked.

"I think he should be just about sobered up, he's been asleep for so long!" Mike said after seeing the time was midnight.

Mike walked over and lightly tapped on Lawrence's shoulder as he softly called,"Lawrence? Lawrence?"

From somewhere outside his groggy-sleep filled mind, Lawrence heard someone calling to him, and as he slowly opened his eyes he saw Mike's face,"Mike!"

Lawrence tried to sit up, but his head felt heavy and unbalanced. Seeing Lawrence having difficulties getting up, Mike rushed to help him.

Turning to Jason, Mike said," Jason, ask the waiter to bring a cup of warm water."

"Okay, I will," Jason replied as he headed out of the private room.

Only a few minutes passed and the waiter was there, handing Lawrence a glass of water,"Sir, your water."

Lawrence didn't look at the waiter just took the water and gulped a few mouthfuls down, then set the cup on the coffee table in front of him, and then shook his bowed head a few times to wake himself.

"What time is it?" His head was throbbing, Lawrence held it in his hands to keep himself steady while he sat, bent over asking.

ly," Lawrence refused politely. Then he said,"Send for someone to take them, and make sure they arrive home safely."

"Okay, I'll make arrangements now," said the bar manager.

Lawrence left the bar with Mike and Jason.

While Lawrence, Mike, and Jason were waiting at the entrance of the bar, the car sent by the bar manager arrived before Bill.

"Mike, you and Jason go on home now. I'll wait for Bill," said Lawrence.

"It's okay, we'll wait with you until Bill gets here," after how out of control Lawrence had been earlier, Mike and Jason were still worried about him.

"It's okay, this is my family's bar. I'll be fine. Go home now. It's already so late, and we have school tomorrow," said Lawrence.

Mike thought for a moment, and deciding nothing more could happen tonight he said,"Okay then, we'll go now. See you tomorrow at school."

"Alright," nodded Lawrence.

After watching the car leave, Lawrence took a deep breath, sighed in relief, and looked up at the sky. His heart was cold.

He decided then, if this was how things were, then let this heart be sealed forever.

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