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   Chapter 613 Help Me, My Brother (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5982

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Mike sat down next to Lawrence, took the bottle from his hand and placed it on the coffee table. Then he said,"Lawrence, you need to calm down man! Don't drink any more, okay?"

"If I get totally wasted, will it numb this pain I am feeling?" asked Lawrence unexpectedly.

His words took Mike and Jason by surprise. Did he really love Rebecca?

As time ticked by, minute after minute, the festive sounds of music and laughter out in the main bar room grew louder and louder, which was the opposite in the quiet, morose atmosphere of the private room.

At the Chu's family villa.

Sitting on the couch, Violet was restless and kept clicking the remote, changing the channel. Every few minutes, she would glance at the front door and wonder, 'Where is he? Why isn't he home yet? It's eight at night and school let out hours ago!'

"Would you like your dinner now, Violet? Your brother will be home later," Lily commented respectfully as she walked up to Violet.

"Lily, Bill went to pick Lawrence up ages ago. Why aren't they home yet?" Lawrence always came home early, and he was never late, so, Violet was worried about her brother.

"I don't know, Bill must be driving, since he hasn't answered his cell," Lily told her, since she was unsure what the situation was. She could only guess that Bill was either driving or going somewhere else with Lawrence now.

Sitting there for a moment more, Violet thought about how late it was getting, and the things she still needed to do, including finishing her homework. So, she pushed a button on the remote, clicking the t.v. off and as she stood up stated,"Then, I will eat now, Lily. When I am done, I'll go upstairs to do my homework. Please, make up a plate of food for Lawrence, and ask him to eat when he gets home."


w pain, griping her back. The thin pajamas couldn't stop the water that was quickly being soaked up, and she could feel the tiny pieces of glass pushing into her back.

Violet tried to move to escape the torment, and immediately felt the pain of more glass ripping through her flesh. Scared, Violet didn't dare try to move again, and lay still.

Laying on the floor, she looked up at the moonlight coming through the window and cried,"Dad! Mom! Help me! Brother? Lawrence, help me!"

There were still a few pedestrians on the road that night, and Bill looked at them as he passed them slowly, looking for Lawrence. He had spent an hour waiting outside the school that afternoon. Bill called Lawrence's cell, but, no one picked up. Then Bill went to the school and asked about Lawrence, but none of the teachers knew, and all the students had left by then. Bill contacted the school leaders, who then reached out students who had returned home. One of Lawrence's classmates said that Lawrence left during activity class in the afternoon. So, Bill and the school leaders checked the video footage of the school gate and saw Lawrence leaving early in the afternoon with other two students.

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