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   Chapter 612 Help Me, My Brother (Part One)

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Enraged, Mike kicked the door open, and rushed into the room.

Hearing the loud crash, Dan and Rebecca looked at the door.

Seeing the three people hovering in the doorway, Rebecca stood paralyzed in shock staring. When she made eye contact with Lawrence, her eyes glazed over in fear.

Dan guessed from Lawrence's calm, emotionless demeanor, that he and his friends had overheard the conversation he and Rebecca were having.

Unable to bear it any longer, Mike screamed,"You are shameless!" He might not have known Rebecca's motives in the past, but, now he had heard from her very lips and finally understood what she was up to.

"Rebecca, you are brazen. I thought that you were simple and pure, so I didn't tell Lawrence what I knew. I've never expected you to..." Jason was somewhat disappointed at that moment. Actually, he blamed himself for not saying anything to Lawrence about Rebecca's past until yesterday.

Lawrence just stood there, staring at Rebecca's panic stricken face, without saying a thing.

"Lawrence, Lawrence," Rebecca called out, as she regained her composure she pushed Dan off her and ran to Lawrence.

Rebecca grabbed Lawrence's arm and clung to it tightly as she cried and said,"Please, don't believe what I said just now, it wasn't the truth! I only said those things because I was angry, I swear!"

Lawrence stared into Rebecca's eyes. Usually, he found them beautiful, fascinating pools, but, they were not as beguiling with tears falling out of them.

Rebecca kept explaining herself to Lawrence when he didn't say anything,"Lawrence, you have to trust me. I didn't lie to you, I love you. What I just said..."

"Enough," yelled Lawrence suddenly as he slapped Rebecca's hand a

's bars.

Several waiters were surprised when they saw Lawrence walk into the bar. They wondered why he was there.

One waiter approached him right away, and with a professional smile said,"Mr. Chu, welcome!"

"Deluxe private room," Lawrence ordered. He used to go to the bar with his dad, and was familiar with the place.

"Okay, follow me, I'll take you and your friends there now," the waiter said obediently.

Lawrence, Mike and Jason followed the waiter to the private room.

After a while, the coffee table of the private room the trio were led to, was littered with empty bottles, although some still had wine.

Mike had a little to drink, but primarily, he and Jason focused on Lawrence's actions.

He had never been drunk before, but today was crazy, and he was really angry and hurt.

"Mike, Lawrence," said Jason, worriedly.

"Rebecca really pushed his bottom line this time. He must be very sad," said Mike.

"But he can't keep drinking like this! It's not good to his health," said Jason hurriedly.

Mike agreed. Since it was the first time for Lawrence to drink so much, he wouldn't be able to bear much more.

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