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   Chapter 611 Her Secret (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-02-04 21:06

The moment she left, Mike whispered to Jason,"Jason, she's acting very suspicious; follow her."

Mike had been covertly watching Rebecca since the first time her phone rang. He noticed she looked over at Lawrence, so, Mike naturally thought she was worried the noise had bothered Lawrence. When it rang the second time, Rebecca's behavior became suspect, like she was trying to hide something and right after, she hurried out of the room. Rebecca was usually quiet and cautious, now she seemed to be anxious, and acted out of character, so, Mike gathered something serious was going on.

Jason gave a quick nod and scooted silently out of the room after Rebecca.

Mike turned and glanced at Lawrence, who was still engrossed in his reading. It left Mike wondering whether or not Lawrence had noticed Rebecca's behavior. Had Lawrence even noticed that Rebecca had walked out of the room?

Mike turned his attention back to the novel he was reading, but couldn't focus on it. He was too busy wondering what would happen next with Rebecca.

Not surprisingly, Mike's phone vibrated after a while. He pulled it out and saw it was from Jason. So, he answered the call quietly.

"Yes Jason?" he whispered.

In a hushed tone, Jason said,"Mike, tell Lawrence to go to the fifth floor of the Comprehensive Building. Rebecca and Dan are in the rehearsal room."

Mike realized that the texts Rebecca had gotten were from Dan asking her to meet him.

"Okay, I will," Mike said before ending the call.

Mike walked over to Lawrence and stared at his lowered head, and said,"Follow me, let's go."

Lawrence casually asked in low voice,

arth? Lawrence or his money?"

Dan thought maybe he was really crazy. Even though he knew Rebecca was a cheap woman, and what she had done in the past, he had a crush on her, and wanted her all to himself.

Rebecca stared into his deep eyes and couldn't think.

Rebecca shouted,"Yes, yes, alright? You're right. I love his money. For god's sake, Lawrence is the heir to the JC Group. He has money, power and he'll be able to satisfy all my needs!" Rebecca wanted to wake Dan up, and make him leave her alone.

Rebecca ridiculed Dan saying,"And you? You, Dan Huo, you're nothing!" She gradually calmed down as she spoke,"That's right, you're indeed rich. But, are you richer than Lawrence? Can you do the same things Lawrence can? I've investigated and learned that your father is a subordinate of Lawrence's father! So, Dan Huo, you cannot compare to the likes of Lawrence. He is superior, noble. And you? You are just the dog guarding his door."

The venom in her words astonished Dan immediately.

The three people eavesdropping at the door were shocked by Rebecca's words too.

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