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   Chapter 610 Her Secret (Part Two)

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Lawrence continued to stare out the window as he thought of his Mother's words the night before. What she'd said moved him, and he decided that it was time for he to face some things on his own.

During the morning session at school, Lawrence didn't talk to Rebecca, not even to tell her why he hadn't picked her up that morning. Usually, he would explain why he hadn't, but, today he didn't want to talk to her at all.

The bell rang, letting the students and staff know it was end of the morning sessions, and time for lunch. All the students tidied their desks before leaving.

After cleaning up his space, Mike walked over to Lawrence, as usual, and patted his arm, saying,"Let's go to lunch."

"Okay," Lawrence replied as he stood up ready to leave the room with Mike.

The boys heard Rebecca suddenly shout,"Lawrence!"

Lawrence stopped walking when he heard her calling. Mike stopped, looking at Lawrence, who appeared calm. Looking over at Rebecca, Mike could see she was very nervous. Therefore, he wasn't sure what to do.

"Lawrence, I'll go ahead to the canteen. Do you want me to get lunch for you?" asked Mike. Since Mike knew Lawrence so well, he guessed after last night's conversation, Lawrence didn't pick Rebecca up for school this morning.

"Sure, buy lunch for me. Thank you." replied Lawrence.

"All right, I will," Mike said as he ducked outta the room.

Aside from Lawrence and Rebecca, there were two boys in the room, not too far off, doing homework.

As soon as Rebecca was close enough to Lawrence, she tugged at his school uniform and asked in a hushed tone,"What's wrong? Are you having trouble at home? Why didn't you pick me up this morning?"

"I didn't pick you up because I had something else to do," Lawrence casually said. Not wanting to explain any further he added,"I'm going to lunch

had no time to deal with other things.

Rebecca lowered her head pretending to read a book.

Peering over at Rebecca, Mike saw she had settled into reading a book, so, he determined the text was nothing special, and he went back to reading his novel too.

Five minutes later, Rebecca's cell blared again. She was in a mess, fumbling to shut it up and read the text.

This time her face turned red as she read, 'I'll give you ten minutes, and if you don't meet me, I'll come find you in your classroom.'

It was a second text from Dan Huo asking her to meet him.

Looking up at Lawrence in a panic, Rebecca wondered if he had even heard her phone because he was still studying as hard as before.

She didn't know what to do. If Dan came here, Lawrence would know everything about her. But, she didn't really want to see Dan Huo just then. She was confused at Lawrence's strange behavior and there was no room for her to entertain ideas about meeting up with Dan.

Rebecca lowered her head, looking at the text again, mulling the options over. Finally, she decided to go meet up with Dan, so, Lawrence wouldn't discover anything.

She packed her school bag, and grasping her phone, she got up and left the room.

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