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   Chapter 609 Her Secret (Part One)

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Cherry ended the call with Lawrence and put the phone aside.

"What happened to Lawrence?" asked Jackson as he reached out encircling his arms around Cherry and drawing her closer to him.

Relaxing into his comforting arms, Cherry said,"I didn't ask him specifics, but, it might have something to do with a classmate."

Concerned, Jackson wanted to know,"Is someone bullying him?"

Cherry shook her head and replied,"I don't think so. I can't imagine anyone bullying him, I think he is just upset about something."

Jackson suddenly declared,"Anyone who dares to harass my son, is dead!"

Cherry looked up at Jackson and said,"Impulse, is a devil's tool, you know that, right?"

Seeing Cherry's eyes ablaze with anger, Jackson hastily said,"All right, all right. Don't be mad at me, please. I wasn't gonna do anything, I was just saying it."

Jackson gazed at Cherry fondly, and leaned in to kiss her.

Cherry put her hand up, stopping him and said,"Honey, although we have wealth and power, I don't want Joe to grow into a heartless man. My hope is that he is grateful for what he has, but, keeps the fire. I never want him to be ruthless or cold." It was her dream for her children. She knew better than anyone how ferocious the fight in a noble family was. Therefore, she didn't want to see her children became those sort of people.

Jackson nodded his head agreeing,"Yes, I understand." He totally understood his wife. Actually, how could he possibly not know her worries?

Cherry said,"Oh, thank you, Darling, for thinking like that," thrilled that Jackson could understand her thoughts. Sometimes, he rushed into making business decisions, and some choices were cold. But, she knew that he was not ruthless, there were times he was warm, and he

you realize the importance of punctuality yet?" 'Now this little girl will realize how much time she wastes, ' Lawrence thought smugly.

"Lawrence, just shut up! Don't you dare talk to me like that! I'm the queen in our family. You have no right to educate me," Violet shot back, wiping her face with the napkin before quickly grabbing her school bag and stating haughtily,"I'll go wait for Aunt Amy at the gate, now."

Lawrence smiled watching his sister, Violet, making a hasty exit. He thought she was such a naughty young lady.

When Lawrence was done with his breakfast, Bill drove him to school.

On their way to school, Bill wasn't sure if he was supposed to stop to pick the girl up in the alley. He glanced in the rear view at Lawrence, who was staring silently out the window.

"Umm, Lawrence, are we..." Before he finished the question, Lawrence interrupted,"Go straight to school," Lawrence directed. He was still having mixed feelings about what his classmates told him yesterday, so, he decided against picking Rebecca up for school until he figured out the truth.

"Okay," Bill didn't add anymore after catching a glimpse of Lawrence's expression.

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