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   Chapter 605 An Unexpected Discovery (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6598

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Hearing his thoughtful words, Rebecca Lin beamed and playfully giggling remarked,"Well, I know that," and tucked her arm into Lawrence's as they continued walking down the sidewalk again.

After taking only a few steps, Rebecca Lin unexpectedly asked,"Lawrence?"

"Yeah?" replied Lawrence Chu.

"Are we a couple?" asked Rebecca Lin hesitantly.

With a brilliant smile, Lawrence Chu answered her question by asking,"What do you think?" The sun shimmered down on Lawrence Chu, and Rebecca Lin was bowled over at how his already handsome features were somehow even more charming.

"I think so? I mean, well, we hang out and do stuff together like couples do," Rebecca spoke in a shy, low voice.

"Then, I guess we are," agreed Lawrence, flashing her an approving smile and basking in happiness while he pondered, 'I don't know what's happening, but, seeing Rebecca's smile always brings me the greatest joy and comfort. In my eyes, she is an innocent and lovely girl.'

"Do you think it's puppy love?" she wondered out loud.

"I dunno. I suppose," he said shrugging.

"Lawrence! Are you teasing me?" she asked indignantly.

"I dunno. I suppose," he playfully replied.

He walked Rebecca Lin to her gate, and then looked at his watch thinking, 'It's still early! If I meet Mike now, we can play basketball for two hours.

Lawrence Chu took his phone out and called Mike Yu right away.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Hero? Are you done with the pretty girl, and have some free time for your friends now?" The sarcastic words carried through the phone into Lawrence's ear.

"Hey, I have time to shoot some hoop now, where are you?" asked Lawrence Chu. He got straight to the point, to see if Mike Yu still wanted to play basketball.

"Really?" The tone in his voice told Lawrence that even though Mike was delighted, he was also surprised and skeptical about whether the invite was real. "Tell me where you wanna meet, and I will be right there!"


dding Jason.

Three sets of eyes stared expectantly at Jason as he sat there red-faced thinking a moment or so longer before finally deciding to share what he knew. Taking a deep breath, he faced Lawrence staring into his eyes and began,"I'm not sure if I should be telling you this."

"Come on and spit it out, already!" Mike pushed. He asked himself, 'This isn't like Jason. He isn't secretive like this. I wonder what's going on?' Mike didn't like people who kept secrets.

"It's.. ummm... It's about Rebecca," Jason's voice trembled as he spoke.

A sudden silence fell over the basketball court.

There was a perplexed expression on Lawrence's shocked face and he asked himself, 'What's wrong with Rebecca?'

Looking at Jason and scowling, Lawrence demanded,"What about Rebecca? Tell me, now!"

"Do you remember the day you and Mike went over to the canteen for lunch? It was two days ago, and I stayed behind? While I was sitting there, in the classroom, I saw Rebecca and Dan Huo eat together, who was from the other class," Jason warily imparted while reflecting, 'I have to be very cautious with my words. What if Lawrence gets annoyed? He could do anything if he was pissed off! The Chu family is so powerful and rich in the city. He could probably raze the city to the ground if he wanted.'

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