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   Chapter 601 Family Happiness (Part One)

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Cherry and Jackson walked down the stairs slowly, enjoying the pleasant sound of laughter resonating in their house. They walked into the living room and saw the three kids playing and chasing each other.

"Daddy, when did you get back? I really missed you!" Violet exclaimed in pleasant surprise upon seeing her father. She gleefully ran toward the staircase to hug him.

"I came back an hour ago. I see you've been playing; did you finish your homework first?" Jackson asked his daughter, holding her hands tenderly.

"Hello, Uncle Jackson," Alice greeted him politely.

"Hi, Alice! Oh my, you're a lot taller than before!" Jackson smiled as he looked at her. She was the same age as his daughter and was Derek's little sweetheart.

"Yes, I am," Alice replied briefly and gave Jackson a wide grin.

"Daddy, thanks to my brother, Alice and I have finished our homework," Violet explained in an all-important tone.

"Violet, are you complimenting me?" Lawrence responded indifferently.

"Lawrence, stop being so snooty. I am only saying nice things about you in front of Daddy. Why are you so arrogant? I don't owe you anything! Are you putting on that face because you're short of money? If you don't have pocket money, tell me and I'll lend mine to you." Violet was such an eloquent talker that she silenced Lawrence immediately.

Lawrence had no other choice but to seek his mother's help. "Mommy! Look at your daughter. She's so cheeky!" Lawrence complained, candidly admitting defeat in front of his sister. He too thought he had a silver tongue but his sister excelled him at it. Compared to him, Violet was as shrewd and sharp-witted, if not better.

Cherry smiled and shook her head helplessly. Instead of replying to her son, she grasped Alice's arm and led her to sit on the sofa.

"Are you frustrated, Lawrence? Even Mommy wouldn't help you, haha!" Violet exclaimed triumphantly. She made a smug face at him, looking

Cherry's right arm. Together they formed a human wall. Lawrence had no chance to get close to Cherry now.

Cherry was engulfed in the two girls' sweet and warm love. She took a look at Jackson and saw him smile faintly. He didn't fight the kids for Cherry's love. Perhaps he knew that he would be easily defeated by the three kids, especially by the two girls.

Lawrence finally gave up vying for his Mommy's affection. So what if he had lost this battle? Mommy was in his heart and in any case, these two girls were just impossible to deal with.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang. Lily rushed over to open the door. It was Amy.

"Hello, Lily!" Amy greeted and smiled.

"Miss Amy, please come in!" Lily smiled back, welcoming her.

As Amy walked into the living room, she saw that everyone present had a big smile on their faces. The two girls were locked in an embrace with Cherry.

"Mommy, you are here!" Alice was thrilled to see her Mommy.

"Yes, I came to pick you up," Amy said. "But Alice, Violet, what are you doing?" She looked at the odd scene and couldn't help but ask.

"We are protecting Mommy from Lawrence," Violet raced to reply. She then cast a sidelong look in his direction.

"Amy, don't listen to them. They are just playing around!" Cherry explained hastily.

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