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   Chapter 600 Happy Family (Part Two)

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He breathed deeply, contented in having her so close. "You're helping Lily cook dinner again, aren't you?" Jackson asked, despite having already assumed her answer. An air of love wafted around them as Jackson snaked his hands around Cherry's waist.

Shooting him a cheeky look, she said,"You know the answer, don't you?" She cast a glance at the stairway before continuing bashfully,"We can't let the kids see us like this."

"It doesn't matter. You're my wife. It's perfectly natural for a husband to hug his wife. They won't get envious," Jackson returned, smiling. 'Why has my woman become shy? She didn't used to act like this, ' he pondered.

Cherry nodded. "Alice is here too," she added.

"Alice?" Jackson repeated, a little surprised.

"Yes, Alice. Amy called and asked me to pick up Alice. Amy was too busy and Derek was working, so they didn't have time. Now Violet and Alice are doing their homework upstairs and Lawrence is helping them," Cherry explained.

"I see," Jackson began to understand. 'This isn't a surprise. It's not the first time Derek and Amy have been too busy to pick Alice up. It's a frequent occurrence, ' he said to himself.

His expression turned unreadable. "Sweetheart, let's go upstairs. I have something to tell you," he said tenderly.

"What is it? Good or bad news?" Cherry asked. Jackson was being deliberately coy and she couldn't tell by his expression.

"Come upstairs with me first," Jackson answered with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He lifted Cherry to his chest and took her upstairs.

Struggling, she found it was futile as usual when he did this. "Let me down. It'll be a bad influence on the kids if they see us," she whispered to him.

"They won't know as long as you keep silent," Jackson informed her.

Cherry fell silent immediately, not wanting to disturb the kids. 'I would be very embarrassed if they caught me like this. I can't let them see me like this, my dear daughter in particular. Otherwise, it would

alified successor, can you leave it in his hands," Cherry countered.

"Sweetheart, you think too much. Lawrence is talented. Once he chooses an economic management or similar major and learns it, I am confident he will be able to run the company well. I have faith in him." Jackson said resoundingly.

It made Cherry happy to hear how highly Jackson thought of their son.

"To get back on topic, you must come with me this time," Jackson insisted, noticing his wife's contented smile.

Biting her lip hesitantly, Cherry looked into Jackson's eyes. "We need to discuss with the kids at dinner. We will make a decision after hearing their opinions," Cherry responded decisively. 'I must ask for my children's opinions of this, ' she decided.

"Oh, come on! Can't you just say yes to me?" Jackson pleaded, feeling slightly disappointed.

"Honey, we can express our thoughts and decide after we come back to our room. But we must respect our children's opinions of this, don't you think?" Cherry replied sweetly. She smiled at him and put her arms around his neck affectionately.

Looking at Cherry's sweet expression, Jackson couldn't bring himself to refuse her proposal and nodded. 'Cherry is in charge of all our domestic issues and I always respect her decisions. But at night, I take charge in bed, ' he thought.

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