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   Chapter 591 The Wedding Ceremony Began (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-01-30 17:00

"Wha...What?" It was as if the earth shook beneath his feet. Aven could not understand what Mond meant by that. "Wait! Aren't you going to take actions against JS Group then? Aren't you going to let ZM Group take the lead of the business in the city?"

"Tell me something, from of all the experience you have gathered in your field of work. As long as JS Group is in the city, do you think ZM Group stands a chance to supersede it?" Mond's eyes bore into Aven's as he spoke to him, not wanting to answer his questions directly.

"I know there isn't a chance of that happening. But I don't understand. All this effort for nothing? You asked me to lurk around in JS Group because you wanted your revenge on Jackson, the owner of JS. I have spent so much time and effort in handling the Finance Department and I am waiting for you to give me instructions on what our next move is. Now you want me to drop it all and resign? Why?" It was a well-known fact that ZM Group and JS Group were sworn enemies and out to get each other. While the companies were still growing, it was also rumoured that Mond was after Jackson. Aven could not understand what had happened suddenly and why Mond wanted to give up now.

"Well, I've changed my mind now. I don't want to be Jackson's enemy. Alright? Is this answer good enough for you?" Mond's reply was cold and he sounded a little annoyed too. He saw no reason to be answerable to a stranger, even though the man had worked for him. Mond reasoned in his head that Aven had been getting paid for the work he was doing and did not deserve his kindness or camaraderie in any way.

Aven was now upset and scared because he had annoyed Mond. He had worked very hard to slowly gain the trust of every person at JS Group and take the entire Financial Department under his control. At this moment, under Mond's orders, Aven

for the auspicious money they will give me before the ceremony. And I will also see how beautiful Aunt Amy looks when she is dressed up as a bride!" Joe was so enthusiastic; he could barely finish his words. He had the plan all figured out for the day and had woken to the sound of the alarm. He couldn't afford to waste a single minute.

"Fine, Bill will drive you to the wedding. We'll come later," said Jackson sleepily, tucking himself deeper into the bed covers. He rolled over, annoyed and thought to himself, 'So this little boy is all ready and dressed up so early for the lucky money he is going to get.'

"Okay. That was my plan. So I will leave right now. I knew that Mommy would not go without you. Take good care of her and I'll wait for you at the hotel. Don't be late Daddy!" With these words, Joe closed the door and ran away cheerfully.

Cherry was worried about little Joe and screamed,"Listen Joe, take good care of yourself and call us if there is any trouble..." Her voice trailed away as she realized that her little boy had already ran down the stairs and could not hear her.

Cherry sat on the bed, helpless and worried. Finally she looked at Jackson and said,"Come on darling. Wake up! Let's go too."

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