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   Chapter 589 All Together (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-01-30 10:35

"My child, how was your honeymoon?" Elsa asked tenderly, holding Selina's hand.

"It was wonderful," Selina replied.

"Come inside, have a good rest," Jacob suggested. 'They must be tired, in need of rest, ' he thought.

They all walked inside and sat down in the hall together. Elsa grasped Selina's hand. She adored her daughter-in-law very much.

"Selina, has Wilson been taking good care of you these days?" Elsa asked.

"Mom, are you trying to say I'm a reckless husband?" Wilson asked teasingly.

"I was just afraid that you might have overlooked something and displeased Selina," Elsa responded with a smile.

"Not possible, Wilson treated me very well. He is a very considerate man," Selina defended Wilson affectionately. 'I did really enjoy myself last month. Wilson treated me nicely and I felt so happy, ' she thought.

"Well, that's good to hear. If Wilson displeases you, just let me know and I will teach him a lesson, okay?" Jacob interjected.

"So both my parents take my wife's side. None of you sides with me, Mom and Dad," Wilson complained.

"They are my parents now too. Of course they would be on my side," Selina replied teasinly, leaning her head on Elsa's shoulder contentedly.

"Now that you know your father and I will side with Selina, you must be nice to her, Wilson, or she might get angry with you and tell us," Elsa replied with a laugh. She looked at Jacob. "Jacob, do you know what you'll do if Selina gets angry and tells us?"

"Of course I will give my son a lecture," Jacob replied resolutely.

The harmonious and merry relationships between his parents and his wife satisfied him well. 'It seems that the cliched conflicts between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law will not happen in my house, ' he thought happily.

"Very well, I will listen to you and serve my queen well," Wilson conceded submissively.

"Attaboy!" Selina praised him, a smug smile on her face. 'I have already shown my happiness and dominance at Cherry's house, and now I've done it again here at home. I can even imagine my face overfull with happiness, and it might even be as infuriatin

ainful time trying to give birth to Joe. She suffered greatly before Joe was finally born. After labor, she was so weak that she fell into a coma. She didn't wake up until a couple days later," Wilson elaborated. "That's why my mother worries so much about Cherry's health."

The reasons behind the worry on Jacob and Elsa's faces finally revealed. Selina nodded. 'Cherry could be in a very weak condition. That's why they are so worried about her, ' she realised.

"Jackson should take some responsibility for that. He should have kept Cherry company back then," Selina replied, wrapping her hands around Wilson's waist.

Wilson nodded. "We can't change the past, and now Jackson treats Cherry very well," he added. 'I know Jackson's love for Cherry. Even though he didn't take care of her back then, I don't blame him. He's making amends for his past mistakes now, ' he thought.

"And of course, Joe is a smart and obedient little boy. He must make Cherry very happy," Selina continued. Joe was a blessing for Cherry in Selina's eyes.

"As her childhood family, I will be content as long as she lives happily. And in this way, dad and mom will be happy too," Wilson declared.

Selina nodded, smiling. "Don't forget, dear, they are my family too. Jackson is like an elder brother to me," she added resolutely.

Looking down at his wife, he grunted an affirmative.

They locked eyes affectionately.

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