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   Chapter 586 Return From Their Honeymoon (Part Two)

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"Okay, great. I'm gonna go talk to Lilly now. Be safe, okay?" Cherry hung up the phone after they said their goodbyes.

She shouted Lily's name as she made her way to the kitchen.

Lily stepped out of the kitchen at the sound of her name. "Mrs. Cherry, what is it? Do you need anything?"

"Wilson and Selina are back from their honeymoon. Derek and Amy have already picked them up from the airport. They are on their way and will have lunch here. Do you have food you can prepare? I hope you can prepare a wonderful lunch for them. And you'd better to do it as quickly as possible because they have been on the road already," Cherry said to Lily.

"Oh, that's wonderful! And I just shopped for groceries this morning. I'm going to go and prepare lunch now," Lily left before Cherry could reply. Lily needed to move fast if she wanted to finish cooking by the time they arrived.

"Thank you," Cherry said to Lily's back.

She held on to the handrail as she went up step by step to the second floor.

Cherry stood outside Joe's bedroom door, about to knock when she stopped to eavesdrop on Jackson and Joe's conversation. She wanted to know if Jackson said any bad things about her to their son.

"Joe, this is wrong. Your answer here should be 12," Jackson dictated to Joe.

"No, Daddy, the answer is obviously 24. You calculated it wrong," Joe insisted.

"You can be so foolish, Joe," Jackson claimed.

"That's you, Daddy. You are just as foolish as Cherry," Joe argued.

"Cherry is more clever than you. You're just a foolish boy," Jackson responded.

"You and Cherry are both foolish! I'm the most clever person here!" Joe laughed at Jackson.

Cherry was sure her son beamed with pride at his statement.

Cherry stood and sulked at the door, unable to enter, when the door opened.

Jackson and Joe jumped at the sight of Cherry and wondered whether she heard their conversation. The furious lo

he took Cherry in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

Snuggled tightly in Jackson's arms, Cherry whispered to Jackson,"Darling, I'm so excited for our little baby to arrive. There are just two months left."

"I'm so excited, too, baby," Jackson agreed.

Cherry looked up at Jackson,"It's been a while since I spoke to Selina. They should be here soon."

"Really? Then we can have lunch with them here. I'm so happy that we can get together and have fun today," Jackson said.

Cherry nodded. "Lily is already preparing food for them. And Derek and Amy picked them up at the airport so they'll be joining us for lunch, too."

"Really? Derek didn't tell me they were going to pick them up at the airport," Jackson replied. Derek usually told him everything but he didn't know about this. He should ask Derek about it later.

"Maybe they were just worried about me. It's going to be so much fun when Selina gets here. She sounded so happy on the phone. It must have been a really great honeymoon," Cherry informed Jackson.

"Yes, that's good to know," Jackson responded. "So I guess it's time for Derek and Amy to get married now? Derek's villa has been fixed for months and just waiting for them to move in."

"We'll ask them later, darling," Cherry replied.

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