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   Chapter 580 A Place Of Mystery (Part Three)

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"Okay. Now, the token..." Jackson intended to tell the truth. But before he could, Jackson heard something.

"Wait!" shouted Lily. She knew Jackson would tell them the token wasn't in his possession, and that he didn't know where it was. That would mean Eric and Jonson would know the token was missing!

She couldn't let Jackson do that. So, she'd cut him off. The tone of her voice made everyone turn and stare at her.

Jackson turned to her in confusion, wondering what he had done wrong. Or did Lily know something he didn't? The only thing he didn't want was a stalemate with Eric and Jonson because he didn't have the token with him. He wanted to confess to keep his family safe. But he didn't realize that every member of the Chu family would be in danger if he confessed that.

Lily looked at Eric and Jonson, her voice was solemn,"If you are shown the token, it means it is time for you to leave the city."

"Only if it's that easy, old woman!" Eric said disdainfully. This was not what Andrew and they had agreed on.

"Um. Mr. Eric, I am having doubts about your IQ now." Lily smiled scornfully. She was talking to Eric to bide time waiting for Joe to arrive. She had thought if Jackson suspected her, it must be Derek who told him. But, only Jackson showed up, where was Derek? The only answer was that Derek went to pick Joe up at school. Jackson would never leave his son alone when he was worried about Cherry. They must have seen the monitor she had opened at home, and if she were right, Derek would know where Jackson went, and would most likely bring Joe here. Now the only thing Lily could do was wait. Only when Joe was here could she make sure that every one of the Chu family was safe. If Lily were wrong, it didn't matter. Hellen was already positioned outside, fully prepared, and she was ready to rescue them the minute something happened in the warehouse. She was such a smart, clever woman, and must have tracked them here using the GPS on Lily's phone.

"You...!" Eric was choking on his anger, again.

, he didn't care.

In fact, Cherry felt Jackson's eyes on her. If she had not been told by Derek, she would have freaked out hearing so many secrets of the Chu family all at once. Fortunately, she already knew and she was prepared psychologically. So, she remained calm when she heard it again.

Then Lily continued in a rough tone,"If you want revenge on the Chu family, you can advertise the existence of Mond with a flourish of trumpets! But...?" Lily paused for a second adding. "Do you think it would make any sense? Andrew passed away, and Jackson left the barracks. So, how would it threaten the Chu family?"

Lily's astute and correct revelations rendered Eric and Jonson speechless. Even if they announced Mond's existence, so what? What's more, nowadays Mond was a big figure in the city and his power could not be underestimated. If they offended Mond, there would be a storm! What's more, since they knew so little about Mond, they didn't dare do anything.

Seeing Eric and Jonson silent put Jackson at ease somewhat. Lily had controlled everything today with the intention of protecting the Chu family. He wondered if it was all arranged by Grandpa. Did Grandpa arrange for Lily to help him?

Jackson was overwhelmed with gratitude towards Grandpa. He was always so thoughtful and considerate!

That's when the gate swung open, again.

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