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   Chapter 578 A Place Of Mystery (Part One)

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"Mrs. Cherry, although we are aware that you are not in possession of the item we need, you are leverage. And as long as we have you, we can achieve our goals," Eric explained with a devilish tone, as though he had a card up his sleeve.

"So you brought me here to threaten my husband?" That was what Cherry had suspected earlier. She was the bait that Eric and Jonson planned to use to reel Jackson in with.

"You are smart! Can you imagine who else we can threaten aside from your beloved husband?" An unnatural smile crossed Eric's face as he suddenly stood and walked over to Cherry slowly.

Not knowing what Eric planned, Jonson got up too and stepped closer to Cherry.

With an arrogant manner, Eric continued his verbal assault,"Since you are a member of the Chu family, Mrs. Cherry, I wonder what you know about the token? Jackson intends for us to follow his orders and control us, but he couldn't even produce the token. Is he kidding? Don't ever try and take advantage of me!" His voice was full of sarcasm and his words meant to goad Cherry. He would inevitably be the king of the city with Jackson toppled.

Considering Eric laid the cards on the table, Jonson explained,"Mrs. Cherry, please don't be upset with us. When grandpa Andrew was alive, we followed his orders unconditionally and it had nothing to do with the token. Now, since Grandpa has passed away, we are duty bound to follow orders from whoever has the token. If Jackson has the token, we will obey him. But, if the token is in someone else's hands....."

Before he finished, Eric interrupted,"then we will kill that someone. The token restricted our freedom and we will reclaim it. Anyone holding it, aside from Jackson, will suffer a cruel death."

The murderous stare and hostile tone Eric spoke with alarmed Cherry so much that she couldn't help quaking. These two men were terrifying!

Lily held Cherry's hands tightly, trying to calm her. She could tell Cherry was now on the fringe of collapsing. However, she wa

rew told her that Eric was relentless and tough and today she saw it personally.

"You...?" Eric choked on his anger. This woman kept mentioning Andrew by name, was she well acquainted with him?

"You seem to know Grandpa Andrew well," Jonson abruptly cut in. While he spoke, he was formulating a plan. He had to determine the real identity of this woman. From her temperament and the way she spoke, he could tell she wasn't simple-minded, which led him to worry about just how many mysterious figures lurked behind Jackson.

"Now you are getting it! Mr. Jonson? Andrew gave you 300 million dollars two years ago, and I am positive that his purpose was not for you to use it in a rebellion, correct?" asked Lily firmly. She knew much more about the facts than Eric and Jonson suspected. Since these two were examining her and trying to know what she knew, she decided to play it close to the vest.

Jonson was shocked! No one had known it except Andrew, Eric and himself. He didn't think even Jackson was aware. So, how on earth could this woman know? Jonson's jaw nearly fell in shock at Lily's announcement. Who on earth was she?

"How do you know about the arrangement?" Eric's voice cracked and was full of disbelief.

"How about I tell you something else, Mr. Eric?" Lily was ready to reveal more in order to convince them.

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