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   Chapter 572 Going Through A Crisis (Part Two)

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"I don't see the necessity of my meeting Eric and Jonson. If they need to discuss something, they can talk to my husband directly. I know nothing of them and have no desire to." Simultaneously, Cherry wondered what they could possibly gain by meeting her. She knew nothing and a spark of curiosity even aroused in her thinking about the whole situation. 'What were they trying to pull?'

The only reason that Cherry could think of was that Eric and Jonson wanted to take her as a hostage. She couldn't possibly fathom anything else. If she were a hostage, they would have infinitely increased bargaining power with Jackson as he would certainly give anything up to get back his wife.

"Mrs. Cherry, my bosses are not interested in any information; they just want to have some tea with you. Especially since you are Mr. Jackson's wife and play a vital role in his life decisions." Uttering these words, Bobby glanced at Cherry's bulging belly. It was obvious to everyone present that Cherry was pregnant.

Bobby then continued,"I'm sorry that it has to be this way. I was ordered to bring only you in, but I'll have to take both of you. If you struggle, I cannot guarantee that the baby in your belly will not be harmed."

Hearing Bobby mention the baby, Cherry immediately covered her belly with her hands. She was pregnant now, and for the baby's sake, she was prepared to go to any lengths to keep it safe and sound.

Cherry took control of her emotions and said to Bobby,"Bobby, you know that I'm pregnant. My belly is so big now that it is even difficult for me to walk by myself without Lily's help. How can I go with you? Why don't you just call Jackson and get whatever you need from him? I'm telling you that I won't be able to help you at all."

"Mrs. Cherry, are you stupid, or just pretending to be?" Bobby retorted, in exasperation. He was reaching the end of his patience. He had been ordered by Eric an

th him. Now that he had almost achieved his goal, he didn't care about minor details.

However, he still gave in. He turned his head and ordered one of the men beside him,"Follow her!"

Lily knew what Bobby was afraid of. As soon as she got into the villa, the man followed her in to make sure she wasn't going to make any attempts to escape.

Lily went upstairs to Cherry's bedroom on the second floor and took one of her coats from her closet. She then walked out of the room and went downstairs. The man followed her and supervised the whole process.

Lily walked out of the villa, locked the door and walked over to Cherry and helped her to put on the coat.

"Is everything okay now? Then let's go!" said Bobby in a casual manner.

Cherry kept on staring nervously at Bobby. She was terrified. Could anyone blame her? Although Lily had promised that everything would be okay, she still did not believe that he would not endanger her and the baby. From the first time she met Bobby, she had known that he was a dangerous man. Now she was being forced by him to meet Eric and Jonson. If Lily had not been with her, she wouldn't have known what to do. Maybe she would have been taken away by Bobby at the very beginning.

Lily helped Cherry and went out of the yard.

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