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   Chapter 568 Conversation In Reading Room (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-01-26 00:18

Jackson nodded,"Fine, okay. But start preparing as soon as you can."

Derek joked with Jackson,"I'm the one getting married and I'm not even worried. Why are you anxious about my wedding?"

Jackson ignored Derek's jokes and calmly replied,"You know why. After you get married, Amy will move in with you at the villa. Joe can go to your villa for piano lessons. And Cherry will get to sleep peacefully." He thought that there was no way for Derek to tease him.

Derek gave up. "Forget I mentioned it." He realized he could not win with Jackson.

Derek changed the subject to the real reason he was there. "So, how did it go? You met with them this afternoon, right?"

Jackson massaged his forehead and closed his eyes. He didn't open them when he spoke to Derek. "Jonson kept silent. And Eric said he needed to see the token."

Derek asked,"What did you tell them? The truth? Did you tell them the truth?" He nervously waited for Jackson's answer.

Jackson opened his eyes but kept them on the ceiling. He shook his head. "Not yet. I can't tell them the truth. Not yet."

Derek pressed Jackson with more questions. "How did you deal with Eric then?"

Jackson answered,"I'm more powerful and tougher than him. He'll always listen to me." But Jackson knotted his eyebrows in deep thought. "I'm worried about Bobby. He knows too much about me. And if he stays with Eric, he's gonna be a threat."

"But they're best friends, he'll never betray Eric," Derek reminded Jackson.

Jackson nodded,"I know."

"What are we going to do, Jackson? We

Eric and Jonson were not easy to please and they definitely had suspicions now.

Jackson nodded. "I'll have people in place and ask them to watch out for Eric and Jonson. But I don't think they'll create any problems until they have the token in their hands." Jackson was going to tell them the truth but not yet, not while Cherry was still pregnant. He couldn't risk it. Besides, he had no idea where the token was so he wasn't going to rush into doing something irrational. He needed to be certain of what would happen before he made his decision.

Derek asked a question that bothered him. "Are you going to tell Cherry? Are you going to tell her everything? Does she know that you've met with Eric and Jonson yet?" Derek knew Cherry knew nothing.

"Soon, but not yet. I don't want her to worry about anything but the baby. I'll handle everything so she can be happy," Jackson answered. He would do everything if it meant the safety of his family.

Derek patted Jackson on the shoulder,"We're in this together, my friend."

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