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   Chapter 567 Conversation In Reading Room (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-01-26 00:08

After dinner, Derek and Amy went straight to Cherry and Jackson's house. Amy greeted the couple and then went right away to teach Joe while Derek lingered behind with Jackson and Cherry.

Jackson turned to Derek and pointed to the study,"I'll wait for you in there. I just need to help Cherry to the bedroom."

Derek nodded and went ahead to the study to wait for Jackson.

Cherry faced Jackson,"You don't need to take me to the bedroom. I can do it by myself. Besides, I still want to stay in the living room for a little while longer. Go talk to Derek," Cherry insisted. She could still do things by herself and she didn't need others to help her all the time.

Jackson hesitated. Cherry's belly was getting larger every day. And he was worried she might fall and trip. That was why he wanted someone with her all the time. How could he let her go upstairs by herself alone? Jackson reasoned with Cherry,"Sweetheart, I'd feel much better if you were already upstairs. I'm not comfortable leaving you here and climbing the stairs by yourself, What if you fall." Jackson explained his side.

Cherry knew she wouldn't be able to change Jackson's mind so she agreed to go upstairs with him assisting her.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Jackson heard muffled sounds of Joe's piano lesson. "I want to stop Joe's piano lesson for a moment. The loud sounds might make it hard for you to get a good night's sleep."

Cherry shook her head. "It's okay. Joe's lesson ends at nine and I don't go to bed until ten p.m.. It doesn't matter. Beside

ght Joe, Joe would be out of control!"

Jackson reasoned,"My son can do whatever he wants to."

Derek worried about Cherry. Her husband was bossy and her son was too clever. Both of them were not easy to handle. Cherry must feel tired to handle them all the time. Derek finally answered,"You're quite lucky to have Cherry and she can manage both of you at the same time."

Jackson changed the subject. "Do you have a date set for your wedding? I wanted Joe to continue his lessons at your villa so Cherry can get some peaceful rest. I'm afraid that Joe's playing might disturb her."

Derek agreed. "That's true. Joe needs his piano classes. And Cherry needs to sleep well."

Joe asked,"Will you be moving into your villa soon?" Derek knew this was important to Jackson but he couldn't give him a specific answer yet.

Derek analyzed the situation and came up with a solution. "When Wilson and Selena come back from their trip abroad, we'll have the wedding. I'll talk to Amy and we'll start preparing for the wedding. Okay?"

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