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   Chapter 566 A Happy Family (Part Two)

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"Oh, alright. Well, thank you. But that little monkey went upstairs without meeting me," whined Cherry. She was relieved that he was home, though. She looked at the time and realised it was already late afternoon, that was usually when Joe came home. They had lost track of time while talking to each other.

"Let him be Cherry. Give him the freedom to do what he wants. It is okay!" Jackson comforted her. He then looked at Lily and said,"Okay, thank you Lily. You can go finish your work now."

"Right, sir," said Lily and turned to leave.

"Also, Lily. When you prepare dinner today, please make a little extra food. I am super hungry and may eat a lot tonight," Cherry said, feeling embarrassed at how her appetite had suddenly surged.

"Okay, sure madam, I understand," smiled Lily.

Jackson smiled when he looked at the embarrassed look on Cherry's face and said,"Well of course you are feeling hungry. You are not just eating for yourself now, you also have to provide enough nutrition for the baby. But don't worry. I can afford to feed you as much as you want."

Lily had left and Cherry looked at Jackson and cutely said,"Listen, I know you can afford to feed me lots of food but if I become fat by eating so much, you should still love me, alright?"

"I would never dislike you, Cherry. I love you. And I would like you to be a little fat actually," said Jackson. He imagined how Cherry would look with a little weight on her body. 'She would look so cute, just like Joe!' thought Jackson.

"You are so annoying! You're always teasing me like this," Cherry said and cuddled up in Jackson's chest.

In the evening, as the family sat arou

fter all."

"Mommy, when are Uncle Derek and Aunt Amy getting married? Isn't it their turn now?" asked Joe curiously.

"We have to wait until your Uncle Wilson and Aunt Selina return from their honeymoon. How will your Uncle Derek get married without his sister by his side? He cannot hold the ceremony just for us, right?" Cherry knew what she was saying was a little exaggerated. While Derek and Amy had other friends in the city, she wanted to draw up an analogy for her son to understand what she meant. She had to tell him how important Selina and Wilson were to the ceremony.

"You are right! Uncle Derek can't have a wedding without Aunt Selina and Uncle Wilson, obviously." Joe understood what his Mom meant. He simply said,"Well, yes. Let's forget about it. Uncle Derek will inform us when he gets married. You two can start preparing his wedding gift, while I will ask for red packets from everyone."

Joe was satisfied with the answers and lowered his head to start eating again.

"Haha, I know you just want to join in the fun!" laughed Cherry, as she too, went back to eating her dinner.

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