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   Chapter 565 A Happy Family (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5390

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Stephen almost burst into laughter as Cherry's unending string of questions continued over the phone, finally, he shouted,"Cherry! Can you please stop asking me so many questions!"

"No, I am not done yet." Cherry's reply was curt and straight.

Defeated by Cherry's constant interrogations, Stephen finally said,"I will tell you everything, but right now don't give me that arrogant attitude."

"Alright, I'm all ears. I'm going to put you on speaker phone now, so even Jackson can be party to this conversation, alright?" Cherry said, immediately putting the phone on speaker mode without waiting for Stephen's answer.

Stephen did not care about this as he too felt that he had nothing to hide from Jackson.

Stephen cleared his voice on the other end of the line and started talking in a serious voice,"Well, so she is a colleague of mine. She is from China, but graduated here and then took up a job in the same city, that is where we met. She speaks fluent Chinese, so it is easy for us to communicate with each other too. We have been dating for a while now, we go to cafes or grab a cup of tea sometimes and go watch movies together. Over a period of time, we fell in love."

Taking a pause for breath, he continued,"She is happy, carefree and innocent. I also think she is very pretty, almost the same height as you, Cherry, but not as thin as you. I feel she is the most beautiful girl I've met."

As he kept talking, Stephen's excitement grew and he began to boast about his beloved girlfriend. He could not wait for her to meet Cherry and Jackson.

"Oh I get it, so you managed to swindle

udious. He wanted to be a genius!

"Okay, I will do that. But don't you want to inform your parents that you're already home?" asked Lily. She felt that they would want to know that Joe's home.

"No, it isn't important. Let them have their moment right now, I don't want to disturb them," said Joe and walked upstairs with his big schoolbag.

Lily smiled as she watched Joe run upstairs,"What a thoughtful and adorable boy," she thought.

But she decided to tell Jackson and Cherry that Joe had come home. Because she didn't want them to worry.

So she walked up to the balcony and politely said,"Sir, Madam!"

Cherry turned to look at her and asked,"Yes, Lily. What's the matter?" She realised that it must be something important, otherwise Lily would never come and disturb them like this.

"I came to say that Joe is home. He went upstairs to do his homework because he said he did not want to disturb you both," Lily said. She knew that Joe was very important to Cherry and she would have been very worried about him, had she not known that he was home.

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