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   Chapter 561 Change Of Title (Part One)

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Early that morning Selina woke up, and saw Wilson watching her intensely.

"You're awake?" Wilson asked softly as he smoothed her hair.

"Yes, why are you staring at me?" asked Selina pouting while she stretched comfortably in the large, soft bed. With Wilson laying beside her, Selina realized she had everything she ever dreamed of to be happy.

"I just wanted to watch you sleep for a while. You looked so serene resting, which gave me a peaceful feeling too," Wilson told her smiling. It wasn't possible for Wilson to be unhappy now that he was married to this beautiful woman. Waking up to see her first thing in the morning had only been a dream at one time, and now it was a reality that he appreciated more than he could describe.

"What a sweet talker!" Selina blushed, suddenly shy at her husband's sentimental words so she quickly thought of something else to say,"I think, I would like to take a shower."

"Well, if you give me a minute, I will draw a nice warm bath for you," Wilson told her, planting an affectionate kiss on her forehead as he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Selina watched Wilson walk into the bathroom before she eased herself out of bed. Last night had left the lower half of her body aching. When she had put on her pajamas, Selina stripped the bedding and replaced it all with fresh, clean sheets and quilt.

As soon as Wilson came back from running a bath for Selina, he noticed the fresh linens on the bed. He wondered why his bride had changed them and looked around for her. Wilson saw Selina out on the balcony with the bed linens that had been on the bed, bent over a washer.

Wilson grinned as he walked out to join her.

"What're you up to out here?" as Wilson asked the obvious question, he came up behind Selina and wrapped his arms around her waist, and rested his head on her shoulder, endearingly.

Blushing, Selina explained,"I'm washing the bedding. Since we will be leaving for our honeymoon soon, I want to make sure they are all cleaned. I would

hat are you doing? Where are you taking me?" Selina asked breathlessly. She anxiously kicked her legs and wondered, 'What is going on with him this morning?' He was acting so out of character than usual.

"I am taking you to the bathroom. The bath is large enough for both of us. That was an excellent idea you had," said Wilson casually.

"Wilson, you rascal! Put me down!" Selina screeched, rebelling against Wilson.

"Wait, because I'm carrying my wife, I'm a rascal? If that's the case, then I am proud to be a rascal," said Wilson chuckling, and showing no sign of setting her back down.

"I don't want to take a bath with you though, please put me down and get out!" shouted Selina once they were in the bathroom.

"No, I won't get out."

"Wilson, take your hands off me! Don't touch me!" Her demands were in vain, as Wilson merely smiled down at her, gently putting her down, and turned to close the door.

Sometime later, Wilson and Selina finished their shared bath, changed, and then went downstairs.

Walking arm in arm, Selina mentioned,"Darling, don't forget to change your address to Mom's."

"Okay," Wilson said nodding. Feeling a little nervous, he took a deep breath.

When they went into the living room, no one was there. The aroma coming from the kitchen filled the room, and they felt their stomachs respond.

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