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   Chapter 560 Happy Ending Of The Wedding (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5249

Updated: 2019-01-24 08:22

"Then we should also go home," he gently replied. "I've packed up all our things and had staff put them in the car. It's been an exhausting day, so let's go home and have a rest."

Her happy feeling turned suddenly. "Will," she asked nervously,"will there be anyone playing jokes on us at home?" Pulling her head away from his shoulder, she nervously stared at her new husband to await his answer.

Wilson looked at his usually charming Selina, her eyes brimming with anxiety. 'Such a silly girl, ' he mused. 'Asking such a question.'

"No," he replied simply. "Plenty of our buddies did want to, but they all have other things to do now, so they've left. They also know we're quite exhausted after two days' preparation for the wedding. They won't be bothering us," he reassured her. It was quite good luck their friends had needed to leave already. If they hadn't, he wasn't sure when they would eventually leave.

Taking a deep and relieved sigh, Selina leaned back on his shoulder happily. "That's good. I'll take a shower and then go to bed once we get home. I didn't sleep well last night."

A sly smile curled Wilson's lips. He asked,"Why didn't you sleep well last night? Is it because you were thinking about me?"

Selina pinched him. "Get over yourself. I mean it literally. After all, a wedding is the most precious thing in this life."

"Alright," he replied fondly. "We'll go back home now and go to bed as you wish." He decided he would spoil his Selina in the future. It would do him well to learn from Jackson. It was obvious how good Jacks

lina looked at her husband. "Honey, try calling her Mom tomorrow morning. Maybe it'll make her happy." She wanted to boost his confidence.

Carefully glancing at Selina, Wilson firmly nodded his head. "Okay," he agreed.

"Honey, we should live happily together," Selina added happily. "We need to take care of Dad and Mom. I know Dad often goes out with his old friends, so I can accompany Mom to go shopping and walk in the garden. You just work hard to earn money. You'll run H King Group well. This is the ideal life for us."

Nodding, Wilson felt quite at ease. "You're considering all the angles, good job, sweetheart. You're right, this life will be great. You're responsible for being beautiful and I'm responsible for earning money. We'll live happily together."

"Yes, honey," she agreed. "Let's begin our happy life." They relaxed and watched the road ahead together.

The long road before them was like her life. She would start her new life with Wilson now and they would happily drive on the road of their life together.

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