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   Chapter 558 Picking Up His Son (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5534

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:18

"Of course! It's so simple! I see it now," Joe exclaimed, a his cheeks colouring a little red. He looked at Jackson. "Daddy, I am so silly that I didn't even consider that in my thinking!" Joe admonished himself.

"Well, just now I saw someone showing off haughtily and overconfidently. I heard he was very good at playing games," Jackson said exaggeratedly. Joe was so smug and self-satisfied with his Grandma, but now he just seemed to be depressed. Jackson was curious to see how the little Chu would react.

Jacob and Elsa shared a look, laughing together and enjoying the father-son banter.

"I was wrong, Daddy! I shouldn't be so cocky," Joe declared, pouting. 'Daddy should spoil me while Mommy is not here! This isn't fair!' Joe thought.

"No, you're not wrong," Jackson countered. "In fact, let's take a bet. If you beat me three out of five games next time, I will have you go to the US to learn computer hacking skills and technology when you grow up," he jokingly proclaimed. He couldn't be properly serious, because Cherry would have his head. She would never let her son be a hacker as an adult. She wanted Joe to be a pianist!

"Deal! Daddy, I love you!" Joe shouted gleefully, his pout nothing more than a memory gaping at his Daddy. Joe knew now that his Daddy did indeed spoil him, just like Mommy. He knew that if his Daddy supported him, he would certainly go to the US and become a top computer expert.

Jackson kept silent, instead turning his cheek towards Joe, wondering briefly if Joe remembered the meaning.

Without hesitation, Joe realised what his Daddy wanted. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around his Daddy'

to eat regularly and take care of your health!" Joe declared sleepily. "And Grandpa! Don't drink alcohol anymore, it's not good for your health," he added, a yawn accentuating the end.

"Thank you, my little boy! I will remember what you've said and will pay attention to my health. And you mustn't be too naughty, and you should look after your Mommy, understand?" Jacob teased Joe.

Joe nodded over-dramatically. "I will listen to Cherry and Jackson and won't let them worry about me. Oh and I will even get up early in the morning so I can see the smiles on Cherry's face," he declared boldly.

"You brat! Calling your Daddy and Mommy by their given names?" Elsa was still smiling, but she felt stern and serious as she heard her grandson disrespect his parents like that.

"It's okay, Grandma. Cherry isn't here and Jackson won't blame me. Will you, Daddy?" Joe turned to Jackson with a proud and adorable grin.

Jackson couldn't utter a word, and instead shook his head helplessly. This rascal of his, it was all Jackson could do but spoil him. After all, Joe was his only beloved son!

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