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   Chapter 557 Picking Up His Son (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5605

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:08

Having walked out of the bar, Bobby paused briefly. He squinted at the gate entrance to the bar, thinking momentarily before heading straight to his car. 'Can Jackson really live a simple and peaceful life as he wishes?' he thought. Only time would tell.

Climbing into his car, he started the engine and took off.

Bobby made a phone call as he drove.

"How is it going? What did Jackson say?" Eric asked, his anxious voice reaching Bobby's ear clearly.

"3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon at the April Teahouse. Mr. Jackson has ordered the private room," Bobby replied efficiently.

Bobby winced as he heard Eric's weird laughter cause a touch of static in the receiver. "Well done! It seems that brat hasn't forgotten Jonson and me. I thought he might only care for his wife and son now," Eric quipped proudly.

"I see, Mr. Eric. I'll inform Mr. Jonson, too," said Bobby curtly. Actually, he didn't want to get between Jackson and them, actually. He saw Jackson's face as they spoke and he didn't seem willing to meet Eric and Jonson, only acquiescing to do so because he had no other choice.

"No need. I will inform him myself," Eric replied delightedly.

"Okay," Bobby responded.

Back at the bar, Jackson had been working on keeping his expression and his inner turmoil of feelings calm. Now he was going to pick up his son and go home to be with his wife.

Returning to the wedding hotel, the only person in sight was Jacob, so Jackson approached him.

In the hall, the cheerful wedding atmosphere had already dissipated and the hall had been rearranged back to the way it was before the wedding.

"Jacob," Jackson greeted him with a nod.


already. Don't worry, I am a boy who knows my limit with games," Joe told her lovingly.

As they were talking, they saw Jackson and Jacob enter.

"Grandpa, Daddy, why did you come in together?" Joe asked curiously. But his curiosity was overpowered by his joy at seeing Jackson, so Joe gleefully ran to his Daddy.

Jackson squatted and stretched his arms, like a habit, as he saw little Joe run to him. Joe happily cuddled into his Daddy's arms. They were so excited to see each other that Jackson lifted Joe off the ground and spun him.

"Why shouldn't we come in together?" Jackson pretended to ask Joe.

Joe pondered for a while, wearing a cute pout. He stretched out his fingers, using them to assist his thinking. "As I understand it, Daddy came from home and Grandpa was downstairs handling affairs," he analysed. "They didn't come from the same place, so how could they come together?"

"My silly boy, couldn't we have run into each other downstairs?" Jacob replied, a doting smile adorning his face too. He didn't like seeing his grandson confused and didn't want him to be confused any longer.

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