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   Chapter 552 The Wedding Is Over (Part One)

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In an unassuming corner of the hall, Hellen had her eyes fixed on Jackson. She had been watching Cherry's husband for at least half an hour now, nursing her crystal goblet. She observed him quietly and discreetly, deliberately noticing every move and smile.

'It's been a long time since I observed him. Unfortunately, he's a married man. I can't flirt with him without destroying his life. My mission is to watch him carefully, without getting him into trouble, after all, ' she mused to herself, her eyes still trained on Jackson.

As the wedding ceremony had finished, the guests began to leave once they had finished their dinners. Standing before the window in the corridor, Derek gazed down at the view, lost in thought. 'It feels so weird. My sister is now married, to another man. She is going to live in his house instead of ours. I hate to separate from her. How I wish that we could live together, forever!'

"Derek," Selina called, breaking him out of his thoughts. She tilted her head at him, seeing only the back of him.

Selina's voice made Derek turn around to see his sister approaching him.

"Are you free now?" Derek asked. He knew the duties of the bride would have kept Selina busy today. Since the feast was over now, she had the responsibility of escorting the guests to the exits.

"Yeah. Actually, I don't have much to do at the moment. Elsa and Jacob are accompanying the guests to the door for me. So I came here," she answered, her voice lacking her usual sweetness. She was coming to terms with the fact that this wedding meant a big change: she was no longer a young girl, but a married woman, a grown-up.

Slightly embarrassed, Derek

"I know. The three of us are indeed very close. Jackson is as important to me as you are, and he treats me as his own sister," Selina replied, taking a short trip down memory lane.

Selina cherished her childhood very much. As a child, she had been a naughty and outgoing girl. With Jackson and Derek by her side, she was unafraid to bully any she wished for she knew that they would defend her under any circumstance, especially Jackson. He had always been brave and strong, the leader among all the kids in the military residential compound. No one dared disobey his words or bully those he protected. Under his and Derek's protection, she was never bullied and enjoyed a merry childhood.

Look at the three of them now. They each had their own lives, and Jackson was even a father with an adorable son. Things had definitely changed a lot, but she knew their friendship wouldn't be weakened. She still regarded Jackson as her big brother. As for his wife, Selina always respected Cherry and enjoyed time with her. She even considered Jackson's wife as her own sister and confidant whom she could confide in.

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