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   Chapter 551 A Mysterious Gift At The Wedding (Part Two)

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Derek wasn't sure of what to make of this. He was confused as he did not understand what Wilson was thinking. But he thought to himself, 'Maybe he just wants to ease her burden and see her enjoy life. As the CEO of JS Group, she had a lot of work and had to be under a lot of stress.'

But Derek continued to muse, 'Selina has worked really hard to make the company reach where it is. And it is all her doing. I am qualified to be the CEO and I will do a good job, but I will never be as good as Selina is.'

"What are you thinking? I hope you're not thinking that you are not good for this job." Jackson asked Derek. It was as if he could read Derek's mind simply by looking at his expressions.

"I don't think I'm ready for something as big as this," Derek said, looking at Jackson. He looked like he was panicking a little.

"Well, in a way, doesn't this work out better for us? Now the presidents of JS Group, the JC Group, H King Group and ZM Group could all gather in one place. We can actually handle our problems in a much better way," Mond broke in leisurely.

Jackson and Derek glanced at each other, and they both nodded in agreement at Mond's words.

Derek composed himself and those words soothed him. 'Well, I am not as experienced as Selina is, but I have Jackson, Wilson and Mond all by my side. I'm sure I can see this through, ' he encouraged himself inside.

"Yes, Mond is right. We are family now and we can even help each other grow in life as well as professi

"Grandma, where uncle is going for his honeymoon? Is it a nice place? I also want to go with them, wherever they are going!" Joe suddenly intervened their conversation.

They looked a Joe in amazement for a split second and then burst into laughter.

"Oh, Joe! Do you want to go on a vacation?" asked Jacob.

"Yes, I do," Joe replied in a sweet voice.

"Well, ask your dad to take you on a vacation, after your baby brother or sister is born. You can all take a trip once your mother is feeling better," suggested Elsa.

"That is a brilliant idea, grandma. I will ask my Daddy," said Joe. He felt guilty for not thinking about his mother and the baby.

He then continued,"I can wait till the baby is born and is healthy enough to travel. Besides, I am more excited about the baby's arrival than a trip. What do you think, will it be a girl or a boy?"

Esla stroked the little boy's hair and lovingly said,"Such a good boy you are Joe." She was bursting with happiness inside.

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