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   Chapter 550 A Mysterious Gift At The Wedding (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5213

Updated: 2019-01-22 14:22

It was around noon, when the wedding ceremony began. The bride, Selina, and the bridegroom, Wilson, walked slowly, matching steps with the music playing in the background. It was magical, as the guests looked upon the beautiful couple. Selina and Wilson turned to look at the crowd, surrounded by the people they loved and respected, they were thrilled. The crowd cheered and applauded, as they smiled. Their faces shone with happiness and in that moment, both Selina and Wilson knew that they were going to remember this forever.

The ceremony continued smoothly as the onlookers gazed with dreamy eyes at the couple. Everything went smoothly, just as expected. Finally, the bride walked up to the mic and took it in her hands to give a speech. The crowd fell silent, waiting to hear from the new bride. She said,"Thank you, dear family and friends, for gracing our wedding with your presence. It is indeed a beautiful time for us to be amidst you and be blessed by you. Today, I want to make an announcement. My company, JS Group, will now be taken over by my brother Derek. I hereby, declare him the President of JS Group."

Derek was caught absolutely unprepared. He didn't know how to react and stood, dumbfounded. 'Why didn't she discuss this with me before making a decision like this?' he wondered.

Jackson and Cherry were taken aback too. They could not understand why Selina would step aside and give up her position like that.

"Derek, did you know about this? Have you and Selina discussed this?" Amy was surprised, as she looked directly at D

selfless in your love for him. He is very lucky to have you."

Selina smiled at Cherry,"I am going to try and be a very good wife Cherry. I am willing to change myself for his sake. I know he deserves that."

Cherry looked at Selina and could not help but notice the steely determination in her eyes. She was sure that Selina would make a good wife to Wilson. She wished them both a life of happiness and without expressing her delight, prayed for their well-being and full life. Cherry was happy that Wilson had found a kind and sensible wife, like Selina.

In the hall, Wilson sat beside Jackson, while Derek and Mond took a seat opposite them.

"Did Selina tell you she was going to do this?" Derek asked Wilson, he was not able to focus on anything else right now.

"No, actually she did not. But I am glad she took this decision. Now that she had married me, I don't want her to work so hard. I am happy that she has handed over the reigns of JS Group to you. Think of it as a gift from us," said Wilson, smiling a little.

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