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   Chapter 549 Grand Wedding (Part Four)

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Updated: 2019-01-22 10:00

"Cherry, is something bothering you?" Amy noticed Cherry's vacant expression and asked out of concern.

Mond heard Amy's words, too. He turned to Cherry and looked into her eyes.

When Cherry saw Mond turn his head to her, she quickly averted to avoid eye contact with him. However, Mond noticed.

Noticing Cherry's silence, Amy gently took Cherry's hand and asked her with great concern,"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, everything is alright!" Cherry nodded, forcing a smile.

Amy glanced at Mond who was staring in the other direction, with a poker face. She then looked at Cherry again and guessed what was happening.

She figured that maybe Cherry wanted to talk to Mond in private and so quickly excused herself to go to the bathroom,"I'll be right back Cherry; just stay here. Okay?" she said as she left.

"Okay, I will," said Cherry, nodding.

Amy turned to Mond and said,"Will you keep an eye on her for me, while I'm gone?"

"Okay," replied Mond.

Looking at Amy's receding figure, Mond inquired,"What was wrong with you just now, Cherry? Why did you look so forlorn?"

"I was thinking of Jean," said Cherry simply. She knew she should not bring up Jean on such a happy day. However, she could not help but be honest with Mond always. And she missed her sister, who had sacrificed her life only to save her and her son, Joe.

Mond didn't immediately comment on Cherry's words. He looked ahead, staring into the space vacantly with a wine glass in his hand. Nobody knew how much he missed Jean.

Mond was silent as Cherry continued,"Why don't you find a new place to live in now? Don't live in that villa. The memories must bring you so much pain."


osphere was stiff with tension. To break the awkwardness, Mond asked her,"So how is your health Cherry?"

"I'm fine. I have another doctor's appointment coming soon," she replied. She knew that Mond was trying to get rid of the awkwardness and so she did not go back to the topic of homes either.

"Well, take good care of yourself. This is a special period for you," said Mond.

"Everything goes well. Joe has been very obedient recently. I don't need to worry about him. Jackson treats me well, and he will be with me as long as he is not fully occupied." Cherry's heart filled with happiness as she said this. She also remembered those hard days when she had been pregnant and lived alone abroad, and she still felt very sad thinking of it. However, she was very happy now. She enjoyed her pregnancy. All she wanted to do now was hold onto the happiness she had now and cherish these moments. She didn't expect anything more.

"Well, I'm happy that you are happy now," said Mond.

He gazed at Cherry and thought to himself, 'Cherry, I want you to be happy. I do hope that nothing bad would happen to you.'

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